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Builder Gel In a Bottle vs. Traditional Acrylic Nails: Durability and Ease of Use

Builder Gel In a Bottle vs. Traditional Acrylic Nails: Durability and Ease of Use

The world of professional nail care is always changing and here at Glitterbels we know that innovation is always the name of the game. Nail technicians are constantly seeking the best products to provide their clients with stunning, durable nails. Two popular choices that often come up are Builder Gel in a Bottle (BIAB) and acrylic nails. Both offer unique advantages, but how do they compare in terms of durability and ease of use? Let's delve into the details.

BIAB: The Modern Marvel

Builder Gel in a Bottle, or BIAB, has revolutionised the nail industry with its versatility and convenience. BIAB is a soak-off gel that combines the ease of application of a gel polish with strength and durability. It’s perfect for creating strong overlays and enhancing the natural nail, encouraging growth while delivering a chip-resistant finish.

One of the key features of BIAB is its self-levelling properties, making it a favourite among nail technicians. This self-levelling nature ensures a smooth, professional finish with minimal effort. Additionally, BIAB is known for its flexibility, which helps prevent cracking and lifting, providing a long-lasting and beautiful result.

Traditional Acrylic Nails: The Classic Choice

Traditional acrylic nails have been a staple in nail salons for decades. Known for their strength and durability, acrylic nails are created by mixing a liquid monomer and a powder polymer to form a hard protective layer over the natural nail or a nail extension. Acrylics are favoured for their ability to create long, elaborate designs and their robust nature, making them ideal for clients seeking extra-long nails.

The application process for acrylic nails involves skill and precision. Technicians need to work quickly to shape the nails before the acrylic hardens - a skill in itself. This method has stood the test of time, providing a durable and long-lasting finish that many clients love. 


Durability: BIAB vs. Acrylics

When it comes to durability, both BIAB and traditional acrylic nails have their strengths. Acrylic nails are renowned for their toughness and ability to withstand significant wear and tear. They are particularly well-suited for clients who are hard on their nails or desire lengthy, intricate designs.

BIAB, while slightly more flexible than acrylics, are also very durable (within reason). The gel formula creates a strong, chip-resistant overlay that protects the natural nail. For clients who prefer a more natural look or are looking to promote nail growth, BIAB is an excellent choice. Its flexibility helps prevent breakage, making it a reliable option for long-lasting nails.

Ease of Use: BIAB Takes the Lead

In terms of ease of use, BIAB has a clear advantage. The self-levelling properties of BIAB make the application straightforward, ensuring a smooth finish with minimal effort. Nail technicians appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of applying BIAB, which reduces the time spent on each client without compromising on quality.

Traditional acrylic nails, on the other hand, require a higher level of skill and precision. The application process can be more time-consuming and demands quick work to shape the nails before the acrylic sets. While experienced technicians can create stunning results with acrylics, the learning curve can be steep for those new to the technique.

Choosing the Right Product

Ultimately, the choice between BIAB and traditional acrylic nails depends on the specific needs and preferences of your clientele. For those seeking a durable, chip-resistant finish with the added benefit of promoting natural nail growth, BIAB is a fantastic option. Its ease of use and flexible, long-lasting results make it a favourite among both technicians and clients.

However, for clients who want an extra-long nail look or intricate designs, traditional acrylics remain a tried and tested choice. Their unmatched durability and strength make them ideal for clients who put their nails to the test daily.

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