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The Sparkling Journey of Gel Polish: How Glitterbels is Shaping the Trend

The Sparkling Journey of Gel Polish: How Glitterbels is Shaping the Trend

Gel polish has become a staple in the beauty industry, loved by both professionals and amateur/DIY users alike for its long-lasting, glossy finish. But do you know where it all started? Let's take a trip down memory lane to explore the past story of gel polish, where we think trends could be going and the small part Glitterbels have played in the gel polish revolution both here and abroad.

Where Gel Polish came from

Gel polishes, as we would recognise them today, were released to the market at the end of the 00s. Gelish released their Gel Polish in 2009 which was followed swiftly by CND the following year. Both CND/Shellac and Gelish saw the power of creating a gel that could extend the life of a manicure from days to weeks. Gel polish is applied as a durable overlay on the nails, providing a long-lasting shine that can last up to four weeks. A properly applied and quality gel polish meant women could enjoy flawless nails without chipping, peeling, or cracking, and, as such, it wasn't long before lots of other brands saw how gel polish could revolutionise the industry as we knew it.

Glitterbels Role in the Modern Gel Polish World

Fast forward to today, where gel polish is now a multi-pound dollar industry, both in terms of consumers using gel polish at home and nail technicians using their skills and experience to create better manicures for their customers. Here at Glitterbels, we pride ourselves on being a professional-only brand made by nail technicians for nail technicians, which is why we were one of the pioneers of the HEMA-free gel polish revolution.

The Rise of HEMA Free Gel Polish

HEMA (2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) is a key ingredient in traditional gel polishes. In simple terms, HEMA acts as an adhesive but it has been linked to potential risks such as allergies and skin irritation. As we became more aware of these risks, we guessed (correctly) that the demand for HEMA-free gel polish would begin to grow. This is why we wanted to lead the way by innovating with our range of HEMA-free gel polishes, far before most brands had even considered it.

Today’s Gel Polish colour trends

As we move towards the end of the year it's always exciting to see what colours will dominate the world of gel polish. Pantone, the global authority on colour trends, recently announced their colours for Spring/Summer 2024 at New York Fashion Week and it is safe to say that, for those who want to be seen as 'fashion forward' grey is going to be bang on trend in 2024. Two key highlights from Pantone include PANTONE 14-1305 TCX Mushroom, an “earth rendered taupe composed in texture and tone" and PANTONE 18-4006 TCX Quiet Shade, a “shadowy grey that offers a protective shelter”. So our Dove Grey, gel polish is one to watch for next year.

How Glitterbels can help you in your gel polish journey

Glitterbels not only creates and distributes the best nail products we also offer some of the most renowned courses in the industry too. Whether you're a seasoned nail technician or contemplating a career change, Glitterbels' online gel polish course stands out as one of the best out there. Not only do we provide our courses through a user-friendly online portal, but you'll also receive personalised guidance from highly skilled nail technicians in the beauty industry. Furthermore, our courses are fully accredited by ABT, ensuring a comprehensive and, importantly, qualified learning experience.

As a professional-only nail brand based in the UK for nail technicians around the world, Glitterbels is proud to be at the forefront of HEMA-free innovation both for gel polishes and builder gels. With our high-quality products and industry-leading courses, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and stay ahead of the ever-evolving gel polish trend. So why not join us on this sparkling journey? Head on over to our training site for more information.