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How to apply Glitterbels Brush-On Builder Gel: A How to guide

How to apply Glitterbels Brush-On Builder Gel: A How to guide


Hello and welcome to our detailed Glitterbels guide! Aimee a Brand Ambassador from Glitterbels UK has produced this handy video on how to apply our Brush on Builder Gel, but we thought we would detail how you can apply Glitterbels Brush-One Builder Gel step by step here for you with some added tips, tricks and advice from Charli Jepson, our Head of Education in the UK.

Materials You'll Need:

Let's Dive Right In:

Getting Started: First things first. Gently push back your cuticles and ensure you get rid of any non-living skin from the nail surface.

Tip from Charli: "Make sure to etch the nail with a 180-grit file pre-dehydrator and primer - this is really important." 

Dehydration and Priming: To make sure the nail is ready, apply the Glitterbels dehydrator followed by the primer. This ensures your nail polish stays on longer. We would also recommend capping the free edge of the nail with a dehydrator and primer. 

Laying the Foundation: Smoothly apply a thin coat of the Glitterbels base coat across your entire nail.

Curing Time: Slide your hand under the Glitterbels UV Lamp and let the base coat cure for a solid minute.

Tip from Charli: Base Coat Application Technique:

"After applying the base coat, I prefer using a dry brush technique to prevent the polish from flooding the nail bed. For this, I typically use a clean, standard gel brush. Once done, I make sure to remove the tacky layer from the base coat to ensure a smooth and flawless finish."

The First Layer:

Dip your size 4 flat brush into Strawberries and Cream brush-on builder gel.

Starting close to the cuticle, sweep a thin layer of gel, making sure to pull it right up to the tip of the nail. Don't forget to cap off the nail tip!

Place your nail under the UV lamp for another 60-second cure.

Tip from Charli: "To ensure optimal adhesion and prevent any potential lifting, it's crucial not just to paint the base coat onto the nail. Instead, actively work it into the nail plate. This method helps the product bond with the nail's natural keratin. Merely painting it on without this additional step can lead to undesired effects. So remember, always scrub or work the base coat deep into the nail plate for the best results."

Building Depth with the Second Layer:

Go in with a more generous amount of the brush-on build gel, applying it similarly to the initial layer.

Another round under the UV lamp for 60 seconds should do the trick.

Sealing with the Final Layer:

Lightly brush on a thinner layer of the Strawberries and Cream builder gel.

As always, cap the nail tip and give it a 60-second cure under the lamp.

Tip from Charli- Post-Curing Cleansing:

"Before moving on to the filing stage and applying the top coat, it's essential to cleanse the inhibition layer that forms after the last curing of the builder gel. This step ensures a smooth surface and optimum adhesion for the top coat. Always remember to cleanse thoroughly for the best final results."

The Finishing Touch:

Depending on your nail type, choose the appropriate top coat. Use the Glitterbels Rubber Top Coat for gel polish.

Spread it generously and evenly over your nail.

One more minute under the UV lamp, and you're almost there. 

Shine and Hydrate:

With the Diamond Shine from Glitterbels, wipe off any remaining tackiness.

For the grand finale, pamper the cuticles with Glitterbels refreshing Cuticle Oil.

And voilà! You've mastered the art of using Glitterbels brush-on builder gel. And if you wanted to become an expert at applying builder gel, be sure to check out our one day builder gel in a bottle course.