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How to apply Builder Gel on a Tipped Nail

How to apply Builder Gel on a Tipped Nail

We prepared a handy video on how to apply Builder-bel Gel on a Tipped nail but we know that not everyone will have the opportunity to watch it so we have transcribed the video for you below: 

Glitterbels have lots of different shaped nail tips for you and your clients to choose from, if they want to add some extra length. When applying the tip to the nail be sure to find the perfect fit.

If your client has small nail beds it’s recommended that you file down the side walls to get the right fit. Once you have applied your tip and filed it, you are ready to start your Builder-bel Gel application.

When your nail tip is fully secured, apply your Glitterbels Hema Free Dehydrator and Acid Free Primer.

Then apply your Glitterbels Hema Free Basecoat.

Once your Basecoat is cured for 60 seconds, apply your first layer of Builder-bel Gel. This layer should be thin.

Cure your first layer of Builder-bel gel for 60 seconds and then apply your second layer. This layer is where you build up your product.

Before curing your second layer, perfect those edges with a Glitterbels Fine Liner Brush.

Cure for 60 seconds, when you are happy with your application. Then cleanse the nail with Diamond Shine Cleanser.

Refine your edges with a nail file.

Gently use a buffer block to buff out any imperfections. This will give your nail an ultra smooth finish.

Remove the dust with a cleanser and apply your Glitterbels Hema Free Topcoat. Cure for 60 seconds.

We hope you enjoyed this 'How to' guide. If you want any more handy tips and tricks head on over to our 'How to' section...