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How to infill Hema Free Builder Gel

How to infill Hema Free Builder Gel

We prepared a handy video on How to infill Hema Free Builder-bel Gel but we know that not everyone will have the opportunity to watch it so we have transcribed the video for you below: 

Step 1:

File over the nail where the product remains, leaving the regrowth free from filing. If the nail has begun to lift, remove the product at the base so you can have a successful infill and regrowth plan.

Step 2:

Once the product has been filed and any lift has been removed, begin prepping the nail with the Glitterbels Hema Free Essentials. Buff the area of regrowth with a 180 grit file and dust with a dust brush. Apply the Glitterbels Hema Free Dehydrator and Acid Free Primer to the natural nail only. Lastly, apply a layer of Hema Free Basecoat and cure for 60 seconds.


Step 3:

Apply a thin layer of your chosen Glitterbels Hema Free Builder-bel shade, ensuring you cover the entire nail, as well as the free edge and side walls, then cure for 60 seconds.

Step 4:

Apply your second coat of Builder-bel gel by using the puddle and raindrop technique. Start at the cuticle area of the nail and then gently sway your brush from side to side as you work your way down the nail. Once happy with the application, cure in a lamp for 60 seconds. You can add a third layer if needed, to help with structure and strength.

Step 5:

Once the nail has been fully cured in a Glitterbels lamp, take a Glitterbels 180 grit file and refine your nail shape. File over the nail to remove any unwanted bumps, if any. 

Step 6:  

When the nail has been filed to perfection, choose from our range of Hema Free Topcoats, and apply over the Builder-bel Gel. Be sure to cap the free edge and side walls for a clean finish and nails that are totally Instagram worthy.

Step 7:

When you have finished your set, be sure to apply a couple of drops of the Glitterbels cuticle oil. This will help promote healthy nail growth and nourish the skin around the nails.

We hope you found this how-to guide useful. If you want more tips and tricks, head on over to our 'how to' pages.