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How to Make Gel Nails Last Longer

How to Make Gel Nails Last Longer

Are your gel nails not lasting as long as you would like them to? Are you constantly having to go back to the salon for a touch-up? If so, then read on! In this article, we will explore ways in which you can make your gel nails last longer. We will answer questions such as "why are my gel nails not lasting?" and "how long should they last?" We will also discuss how to prep your nails properly before application. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, this article has something for everyone.

Firstly why are your gel nails not lasting?

There are several reasons for this. Not prepping your nails properly before the application can cause the polish to chip more easily and not last as long. Using a low-quality product or failing to seal the edges of your nails after application can also reduce the longevity of your manicure.

How long should your gel nails last?

On average, gel nails should last for around two to three weeks. However, this can depend on both the quality of the product and the prep work done before application.

Prep Your Nails Properly Before Application:

To ensure that your gel nails last for as long as possible, it is important to prep your nails properly before applying the product. Start by washing and drying your hands thoroughly, then shape and file the edges of your nails. Buff the nail surface to remove excess oils then clean the nail plate with acetone.

Applying cuticle oil regularly is the secret to achieving strong, healthy nails and a flawless manicure. Cuticle oil works by keeping your nails hydrated as they grow at an accelerated rate - it's like you're receiving a beauty boost! Not only that, but this simple step also sets the base for the perfect gel polish application every time.


Stop using your nails like tools...

To keep your nails looking their best, resist the urge to pick at labels or open cans with them. Doing so could lead to chips and breaks in your lovely talons! Be mindful when using them as you can easily avoid unsightly chips and cracks in your beautiful gel nails.


Wear gloves for household chores


It may seem a little weird but wearing gloves around the house could be a silver bullet. Household chores can be very harsh on your nails, so it's wise to wear protective gloves when cleaning. This will help keep your nails healthy and strong for longer.

Have you considered using primer?

Prior to the application of your base coat, don't forget to apply a primer! This step is essential in creating an enduring gel manicure that won't wear away or chip quickly. Primers help dry out the nail bed and get rid of any lingering oils that can interfere with adhesion for a longer-lasting look.

Shorter nails last longer...

To keep your nails in pristine condition, opt for shorter nail lengths when trimming. Shorter nails are less likely to suffer from breakage, chipping and peeling which can lead to unsightly damage.

Avoid polishing your cuticles

Though it may be difficult to stay within the lines while painting your nails, following that rule is essential in order to prevent chipping. Even a little mistake here or there can create issues later on. If you end up with paint between your skin and nail after some time passes the polish will lift off of those areas - taking much of the colour from your nail along with it. To keep intact manicures for as long as possible, always strive to remain within the designated boundaries when applying nail gel.

And of course - don't bite your nails!

Biting your nails is a big no-no. Not only can it introduce bacteria and lead to infections, but it also ruins the look of your manicure. If you find yourself biting your nails then try getting acrylics or gels to keep them out of sight.

Colour matters when it comes to gel nails that last

Opt for subtle tones like pastels and neutrals or even a French manicure to make your mani last longer than the more intense dark hues. Bold colours might be an eye-catching statement, but they are also quick to show signs of nail growth, breakage, and chipping.

 Keep applying top coat

Do not fall for the myth that you only need one top coat on your nails - to ensure a beautiful manicure, it is necessary to apply a new layer of top coat every two or three days. This will increase both the longevity and vibrancy of your look!

If they're chipped - fix them

Chipped nails can be incredibly frustrating, so it is crucial to repair them as quickly as you can. If neglected, the chipping may get worse, resulting in mani-disaster! Taking care of the chip immediately will prevent any further peeling or splitting.

The miracle of vinegar...

Give your nails an all-natural detox by swiping each one with a cotton swab dipped in white vinegar. This will help to remove any oils, leaving you with a clean surface for the perfect manicure application! Let them air dry after wiping and get ready to flaunt those freshly polished digits with confidence.

In conclusion...

The life of your gel manicure depends on how well you prepare for it, and how often you re-apply the top coat. With proper preparation and regular touch-ups, you can keep your nails looking fabulous for weeks. Now that you know the secret to a long-lasting gel manicure, start enjoying all the compliments from friends and family.