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Nail Art Brushes - A Buyers Guide for 2023

Nail Art Brushes - A Buyers Guide for 2023

Did you know that we stock a great range of nail art brushes? Many people know us for our great range of Acrylic Powders, gel polishes and builder gels, but we stock a full range of brushes, files and other accessories. So we thought we'd put together a Buyers Guide for brushes in 2023. We'll also be covering popular colours and trends in nail art for 2023 and how nail art differs from country to country so you can make an informed choice about which nail art brush is for you.

But first, let's start with the history of nail art. Nail art has been used for centuries to adorn nails in various cultures and styles. In the early 1970s, a manicurist by the name of Jeff Pink pioneered an acrylic method which made nail painting so much easier. From then on, it became increasingly popular and mainstream, with numerous iconic looks being experimented with over time.

Now, let's take a look at the different types of brushes used for nail art. Nail art brushes come in many shapes and sizes to suit different tasks. We stock a range of high-quality professional nail art brushes here at Glitterbels that make it easier than ever to paint intricate designs onto nails or apply our gels.

Let's start with our brushes for applying gels and acrylics:

Glitterbels Unbelievabel Gel Brush - Flat Edge

The perfect flat edge brush for painting perfect backgrounds and flat surfaces, like the base of the nail.

Glitterbels Unbelievabel Gel Brush - Oval

Our Oval Gel brush is rounded at the tip and is perfect for getting into the more tricky areas of the cuticle area. The Oval Gel Brush is ideal for cleaning up around the nail.

Glitterbels Pink Acrylic Brushes

Our Acrylic brushes will facilitate the smooth application of acrylic powders. These brushes come with a lid and care must be taken to reattach the lid after it has been used.

Now let's move on to our brushes that are used for more intricate nail design:

Rainbow Fine Detailer Brush

The Glitterbels Rainbow Fine Detailer Brush Set is the ultimate tool for creating exquisite nail art! Made from synthetic hair, these brushes feature vibrant glitter that moves inside and is ideal for crafting intricate gel designs. Let your inner artist shine with this remarkable brush set today.

Glitterbels 3D Brush

The Glitterbels 3D Acrylic Brush is the ideal tool for achieving perfect nail art with professional-looking 3D acrylic finishes.

Gel Art Brush Set

Unleash your creativity and explore infinite possibilities with the Glitterbels Gel Art Brush Set. Its Oval and Square tips are perfect for any hard gel or gel pot application, all while showcasing a stunningly unique handle made with moving glitter particles!

So these are the essential nail brushes you will need to perfect your nail art in 2023. Now let's look at the trends for this year.

Nail art trends in 2023 are all about bright and bold colours - think reds, blues, greens, yellows and purples. Animal prints will also be a big trend this year - perfect for creating with the Glitterbels Rainbow Fine Detailer Brush Set. Metallic finishes such as gold and silver are always popular too, as are gems and sparkles.

When it comes to nail art trends in the US compared to Europe, there are some subtle differences. The US is usually more likely to go for bold blocks of colour, while European styles tend towards softer gradients with French manicures still very popular from country to country.

So whether you want to create show-stopping 3D artwork or simple, classic designs, the right nail art brush can make all the difference. With our range of brushes here at Glitterbels you'll be able to stay ahead of 2023's trends and create your own unique works of art.

In conclusion, with a range of high-quality nail art brushes available through Glitterbels, you can create beautiful, unique designs whatever your style. To stay ahead of the 2023 trends, consider adding some bright and bold colours to your nails or exploring animal prints with our Rainbow Fine Detailer Brush Set.