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builder gel peeling off

Why Is My Builder Gel Peeling Off?

If you're a professional nail technician, then you know the importance of a good builder gel. But what happens when your builder gel starts peeling off? In this blog post, we'll explore some of the common reasons why builder gels peel off and the steps you can take to avoid it.

Common Reasons Why Builder Gels Peel Off

Builder gel nails are a great alternative to traditional acrylic nails for many people. However, builder gels can sometimes peel off prematurely or lift off of the natural nail causing annoyancre and frustration. Fortunately, there are several common factors that can influence builder gel lifts and by understanding and avoiding these situations, you can ensure that your builder gel nails last for longer. Some of the common factors leading to premature removal include improper application technique, not filing properly before applying the gel, weak or damaged nails, wearing gel too long without regular breaks, unsanitary tools or environments during the application, incorrect removal techniques, using products incompatible with builder gels and natural nail oiliness. As long as each of these issues is addressed prior to the application of the builder gel, longer lasting nais are easy to achieve. 

Let's explore each of these issues in turn. First up if you are not applying builder gel correctly this can lead to builder gel nails lifting earlier than you would want. So if you want to learn how to apply builder gel like a pro, check out this piece. To avoid builder gel nails from lifting too soon nails should also be filed correctly with the correct grit before you begin. You should also check for any weak or damaged nails as this can cause the builder gel to lift off prematurely. Next up, if builder gel nails are being worm  for an extended period of time without allowing for regular breaks it can put a strain on your nails which will lead to the early removal of the builder gel. Additionally, if you are not using sanitised tools and applying the builder gel in a clean and sanitised environment during the application process this can also increase the risk the builder gel peeling off sooner than you would like. 

Steps to Take to Avoid Builder Gel Peeling Off

Ensuring that your builder gels don’t peel off is key to achieving and maintaining beautiful nails. To make sure you prevent builder gel from peeling off, there are a few essential steps you must take before, during and after application. Preparing the nails correctly before application by taking off any previous polish or dust, and then filing the natural nail down will help with longevity. When it comes to applying the product and drying it out, use a UV lamp with 36W as well as an LED lamp with 54W bulbs for best results, and make sure to start curing at the free edge while gently pressing down as you move further in. Regular breaks from builder gel applications are important too; take off your builder gel every 2-3 weeks so that your nails can breathe. Lastly, keep your nails in tip-top shape between applications by nourishing them and moisturising them often. Following these simple tips will ensure a long-lasting hold for each builder gel application.
So there you have it, some simple and easy steps for you to follow to avoid your builder gel nails from lifting. In summary, it is recommended to:

  • Prepare the nails correctly before application
  • Cure with a UV lamp and an LED lamp
  • Give your nails regular breaks every 2-3 weeks
  • Nourish and moisturise your nails between applications, proper care for nails, with or without builder gel is essential.
By following these steps, builder gel nails will look their best for longer.