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builder gel wont stick

Why Won't My Builder Gel Stick?

Builder Gel has revolutionised the world of nail design. It is now one of Glitterbels, core lines and we are constantly innovating in the builder gel space. But a common question many nail techs get is 'Why won't my builder gel stick'? Builder gel that doesn't stick can lead to remedial appointments and a poor customer experience. So, in this piece, we shall explore how you can prevent your builder gel and, let's be honest, a large element of your time from coming unstuck.

Cleanliness and dehydration of the nails

The first and arguably most important factor in having a successful builder gel application is preparation. This involves making sure the natural nail plate is clean, free from oils and debris as well as properly dehydrated with a dehydratorFailing to do this can lead to poor adhesion of the product, resulting in the builder gel not sticking properly.

Builder Gel brand quality

Also, it is important to consider the brand of builder gel you have chosen. Different brands offer different levels of durability and quality - some can be more brittle than others and may require a thicker application or additional preparation steps such as using a primer beforehand. Additionally, remember to always check the expiration date of the product you are using.


In terms of application, how much builder gel you apply and the brushing technique used are also important considerations. We recommend a thin layer of product with each coat and ensure that it is fully cured before applying more builder gel. Additionally not putting too much pressure on your brush will allow for better adhesion (and, If you want to check out how to use builder gel like a pro, by the way, check out this blog).

Environmental conditions

Finally, environmental factors such as humidity and temperature can also affect the performance of the builder gel. Low humidity levels in particular can be detrimental to product adhesion and should be taken into account when working with builder gel.


So here are some golden rules when it comes to getting your builder gel to stick:

  • Check the quality of your builder gel and its expiration date
  • Be aware of environmental factors e.g. humidity and temperature
  • Apply a thin layer of product with each coat
  • Do not put too much pressure on your brush
  • And remember to always use a dehydrator

Why not experiment with different methods to find the best fit? If you are having some issues with your builder gel application coming unstuck why not practice until you have got it perfect?

Finally, we cannot overstate the importance of maintaining the health of your nails before and after any treatments. Use cuticle oil to keep nails strong and healthy and hand cream to keep the skin around the nails soft and natural.

The beauty community are always innovating and creating new trends, so why not give builder gel another chance? With the necessary preparation and application method, you can get beautiful, long-lasting nails with builder gel.

Now go out there and show off your nail art skills. And if you are keen to learn more about applying builder gel or, if you have some experience with builder gel and want to enhance your knowledge, head over to our training section to find out more about our award-winning training academy.