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10 acrylic powders that will make your nails POP this Bonfire Night

10 acrylic powders that will make your nails POP this Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is soon approaching, and who doesn’t love going to watch the fireworks, drinking hot chocolates, and feeling the cosy vibes? Why not match your nails and have a set perfect for this time of year!

Our acrylic powders, coloured and pre-mixed glitter, are a great product to use as they provide the glitter, shine and iconic shimmer we all know and love. Here are some we’ve picked out to give you some ideas on what you could do! Make sure to tag us in on your socials, we’d love to see your creations whether you have used any of our products below or any others <3

Glitter it up

These pre-mixed glitter acrylics give you that burst of colour, shine and texture for the perfect look. Toasted Marshmallow not only has a beaut coppery colour, but also the perfect name for a vibey firework-filled night. Always Orange is a great, vibrant shimmer to correlate with Bonfire Night. Unicorn Lashes is one of our newest glittered acrylics and is a gorgeous mix of colours.

Toasted MarshmallowAlways OrangeUnicorn Lashes



Toasted Marshmallow, as seen on @gemininailsz

Tinsel time

Our tinsel pre-mixed glitter acrylics give a spot-on firework vibe! Try Supreme Dazzle for a burst of pink, purple and shine right on your fingertips. Golden Tinsel is an all-round great acrylic for this occasion, and we think it matches the aesthetic perfectly.

Supreme DazzleGolden Tinsel


Pigment for days

Our coloured acrylics give an impactful pop of colour you need for your nails this Bonfire Night. Why not opt for Lava Lamp to make a bold, orange statement and maybe do a firey theme? Grey Smoke is also a clean acrylic that gives a firework vibe too.

Lava LampGrey Smoke



Lava Lamp, as seen on @lizaliwi

Pretty in gold

Our fine pre-mixed glitter acrylics give a more subtle more pretty glitter look that with shine for Bonfire. Starry Night matches the vibe of a pretty night sky and will make you feel like you’re there already. Solar does this too, making it a perfect acrylic to use at this time of year. Royalty reminds us of the extravagant golden firework you see at the end of a display which lights up the whole sky.

Starry NightSolarRoyalty


We hope you love the picks we’ve made, and they all definitely pass the vibe check for Bonfire Night! Check out all of our coloured and glittered acrylics on our website.