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A Guide to Our New Nail Art Liner Brushes

A Guide to Our New Nail Art Liner Brushes

Last month, we released our new Liner Brushes in 4 different sizes! We’re so glad everyone is loving them and how easy they are to use. With 4 sizes on offer, nail art has never been easier, and those 4 sizes each have a unique specialty:


  • 5mm: This super fine-tipped brush is only 5mm in length and is the perfect tool if you are looking for precise control. This is the smallest fine liner brush in our new collection and is a necessity for any nail artist. This brush is a go-to for detailed nail art.
  • 9mm: This 9mm fine liner brush is a must-have for perfecting Builder-bel Gel and Gel Polish application. It offers slightly more length which will allow you to glide the super soft bristles along sidewalls and around the cuticle area with outstanding accuracy.
  • 15mm: If you prefer a longer fine liner brush to create clean, flowing lines, then the 15mm fine liner brush is an essential. This brush makes hand-painting French tips simple and fast.
  • 20mm: The 20mm is the longest of our fine liner brushes and it’s perfect for creating neat lines and offers versatility in lots of different nail art techniques. Whether you are creating a French, swirls, check, or outlines, the length of the bristles allows you to glide product onto the nail with ease.


One of our ambassadors, Stacey Machin @staceymachin, has been using our Liner Brushes and loves them:

“I think these brushes are for all types of nail technicians, whether you’re doing simple or detailed nail art. They make the process easier when designing a set of nails as each brush is unique and perfect for everything you need when doing a client’s nails.”

These are an essential in any nail collection, so make sure to get our liner brushes and paint your very own Picasso! You can shop them here.

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Our very own Annabel @nails_by_annabel_m uses these brushes in all of her nail sets: take a look at some recent sets she has completed using them!