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Behind The Scenes: The Glitterbels Builder-bel Gel Campaign Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes: The Glitterbels Builder-bel Gel Campaign Photoshoot

On the 26th of April 2023, the Glitterbels team made their way, from the Pink HQ in Stoke-On-Trent to Pollard St. Studio in Manchester. The location for our Hema Free Builder-bel Gel campaign shoot. We knew that we would have to do something bigger and better than ever before to celebrate the launch of this fantastic product range. Over a series of weeks leading up to the launch, Annabel and the Content & Marketing Teams worked to get everything ready for the big day… Read along and find out how it went.


We set off at 07:30am in the Glitterbels van, and it was filled to the brim with outfits & jewellery, props, and camera equipment. Of course, we stopped to grab a quick Starbucks on the way.


We arrived at the studio for around 09:00am. The team promptly got to work, unloading everything we would need from the van… and taking it up 6 flights of stairs to the studio. And I know what you’re thinking, SIX FLIGHTS OF STAIRS! Yes, and there is nothing like lugging chairs and nail desks and a 7ft rug up a staircase to make you feel unfit.



The Glitterbels Marketing, Content, and social media Teams were the first of many to arrive. Shortly after our amazing ambassadors, who were doing the nails for the shoot, arrived and set up their workstations. Soon the studio was filled with hustle and bustle.


Models began to trickle in and were assigned to an area for hair, makeup, or nails. It was all systems go. We were working to a strict time schedule, to ensure we had as much camera time as possible. Our celebrity guest for the day was Chloe Pattern, from MTV’s Teen Mom, who had brought her camera crew along to get some behind the scenes. We were so excited to be working with Chloe again, a lot of you Glitterbels fans may have met her at our Hema Free Gel Polish Launch a couple of years ago. Our lovely Annabel Maginnis and Marketing Manager, Georgia Walker may even make an appearance on an episode of the hit show, so keep an eye out for the Glitterbels team as we make our MTV debut.


The team worked like a well-oiled machine. This was our first big photoshoot with multiple models, and we wanted everything to go smoothly. Everything down to the jewellery the models needed to wear had been planned, and even our Graphic designer joined us for the day to help, Becca, and she ended up steaming the outfits for the models, so they were runway ready. One thing I adore about the Glitterbels family is how hands-on everyone is, no matter what it is, there will always be a helping hand if you need it.




We started the photos at around 12:00PM, after a short break for lunch. Elliott had treated us all to a sandwich platter, sweets, and drinks. The Shoot went amazingly, with the models in nude-toned outfits and perfect Builder-bel gel manicures. We obviously wanted our very own Annabel Maginnis to stand out from the crowd (not that she needs help in that department), so we opted for a gorgeous pink outfit. The shoot was done in front of a Glitterbels pink backdrop. Models posed with their fresh tips and our beautiful builder gel bottles. They really do make the perfect prop. The day ended on a high note as we got all the shots, footage, and content we needed. We celebrated with some food on the way back home.


It truly was an amazing day, and I can’t wait for everyone to see the photos, videos, and art for the Builder-bel gel launch party in June. Teamwork really does make the dream work and we want to say a huge thank you to everyone that helped up with this amazing day:


A special thanks to our fabulous ambassadors:







And to the hair and makeup team:







This product has been a huge project and we are completely in love with the formula and the huge shade range, we know you will be too.


To see more of the behind-the-scenes action, follow this like to our latest YouTube video -