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Gel Polish Guest Blog By Aimee Link (@allnailss._)

Gel Polish Guest Blog By Aimee Link (@allnailss._)

We frequently get asked about our gel polish range so to help you with a few questions we asked our amazingly talented ambassador Aimee @allnailss._ a few questions:

Is Glitterbels Gel Polish easy to soak off?

The gel polish from Glitterbels is so easy to soak off! I can usually soak it off in about 20-25 minutes. My top tip is to file off as much of the product you can as this will save you lots of time! There’s a great video on the Glitterbels YouTube channel showing this by Nicola Bishop.

Can Glitterbels Gel Polish be used for nail art?

Glitterbels gel polishes are amazing for nail art, I always tell people they’re great for mixing colours too! I think I’ve probably done a French tip set with every colour of gel polish by now, but yes, the formula is perfect for nail art.

What sets Glitterbels apart from their main competitors?

I would say the main thing that sets Glitterbels apart from their main competitors is the community around the product. Annabel and Elliott are lovely first of all, but there is a real family feel especially in the Glitterbels Support Group on Facebook (join if you haven’t already!!)

About you:

How you became a nail tech?

My name is Aimee Link and I am 18 years old from Shropshire, England, I never had any intentions of becoming a nail tech. I always enjoyed doing my own nails, it only occurred to me to get qualified in gel polish when my eyelash technician asked me who did my nails. When she told me to get trained I booked it immediately and we went into the first lockdown soon after, which for me was a blessing in disguise as I practised every day in lockdown and built my social media following which meant as soon as we could work again in England I had clients at the door.

Why did you choose to become a Glitterbels ambassador?

It was around this time last year that I completely switched over to the Glitterbels system and ever since I did my dream was to be an ambassador for the brand, being honest I didn’t think it would happen as I still felt so new in the industry but I think social media helped me a lot.

What are your top 5 tools/products that you can’t work without?

This is so hard to choose but without including the basics (DehydratorAcid Free PrimerBasecoatRubber topcoat) it would probably be – the Size 4 Flat BrushRainbow Fine Detailer BrushesCandy Pie Brush on Builder GelWhite Unbelievabel Gel and Rainy cloud gel polish.

Do you have any tips for those that are new to the Glitterbels product range?

The first thing I would say is make sure you get the basics and the lamp then start with your core colours depending on the time of year, if you’re starting around now some great gel polishes for autumn are Green QueenSangria and Romance me. I would also say to join the support group on Facebook and follow @Glitterbels on social media so you can get an idea for the colours tried on.