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Glitterbels Take London Fashion Week | Julien Macdonald F/W 2023 Show

Glitterbels Take London Fashion Week | Julien Macdonald F/W 2023 Show

On Saturday 18th of February, the Glitterbels team took the train to London for our first fashion week show. How incredibly exciting!


Glitterbels sponsored the Julien Macdonald Fall and Winter 2023 show, at London Fashion Week. We were so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such a dazzling show. Julien is known for his incredible designs, often adorned with glass beads, sequins, and jewels. We knew that his sparkling vision would be a perfect match with the glossy and glittery nails Glitterbels produce. We had a fabulous time working the show and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.


So… you know the drill. Grab a hot drink and a snack as we tell you all the details of this amazing weekend.


Our Team set off from Stoke-On-Trent to Euston at around two in the afternoon, our first train was cancelled, so we found shelter from the cold weather, in the station’s coffee shop. After a cup of coffee and a run-down of what to expect over the weekend, from our Head of Education, Charli Jepson, we caught the next available train and arrived at our destination at about half past three. Charli is a seasoned veteran when it comes to fashion shows and has worked with the likes of the late Vivienne Westwood, Victoria’s Secrets and many more. We were definitely in safe hands. The hustle and bustle of a very busy London, only added to the excitement of the weekend.


Once we arrived at our hotel and set our luggage down, we jumped straight into a cab and met with the team leader, Marian Newman. Marian had visited Julien’s team earlier in the day to work out what nail design he wanted for the show. This is called a “test” and what happens during a test is… Our team goes in with a bunch of different designs that are inspired by the mood board for the show. Julien and his team then pick out the designs they like the most and tell us how many of each design they will need, depending on how many models they have walking in the show.


For this show Julien picked out a classy, half and half nail. One side a shiny black and the other a gorgeous holographic glitter. He paired this look with the darker designs in his collection. For the lighter looks he opted for a mix of pastels with a chrome looking topcoat. With the brief in hand our team got to work making the nails for the show. The Glitterbels team travelled back to the hotel and individually painted around 300 press-on nail tips for the show the next day.


We had a brief food and drink break, its essential really. After a delicious Five Guys burger and a trip to the local shop, we went back to the hotel again… Treats and Snacks in the bag.

We finished the press-on nails for the show that evening and got some well needed rest for the busy day ahead.


The day of the show rolled around. The team was well rested and ready to slay. We huddled into Charli’s room, adding the finishing touches to the nails. Our Deputy Head of Education, Jennie Nippard, joined us to add the finishing touches and help with the top-coating process before we made the short journey to the show. We rocked up to the show and got our “back of house” wrist bands, allowing us to go behind the scenes to make sure the models have perfect nails and for myself to photography and film the entire process.


We were shown to a large room with rows of mirrored tables for the makeup artist and hair stylists to work their magic. Julien and his team had hired a bar with special cocktails created to match the theme of the show. The room was dressed in gorgeous floral arrangements and professional lighting had been set up in each corner of the hall. Getting good selfie lighting is crucial.



The Glitterbels team made quick work of organising all the finished nail tips onto a table and getting all the products needed to apply the nails to the models. At around 5:30PM the models started trickling in and the once large room, felt rather small. There was a buzz and an electric feel in the air as showtime neared. Hair stylists worked aptly to smooth all the model’s hair into sleek low buns, spray in glitter was applied to the hair for an ethereal look on the runway. Make Up artists busied themselves applying powders and creams to the models, a simple and sophisticated makeup look was worn by those who were walking the runway. A pop of shimmer and glitter added to the eyes for a glamourous touch.


The Glitterbels nail team worked with and around the other stylists to prep the nails to perfection and add the beautiful press on nails we had created the day before. The subtle pops of pastel colours and holographic sparkles complimented the make-up and hair and most importantly Julien’s collection beautifully. We had the pleasure of doing Leomie Anderson of the BBC’s hit show, Glow Up, nails. The gorgeous presenter has walked in 4 Victoria’s Secret shows.



As final calls for the models to get into line up were shouted, we worked on applying the last of our nails, just in time. The final line up was a one-of-a-kind experience, to say the least. Gilded gowns and bejewelled blazers were worn by the models. Lace and Latex were combined to make the perfect texture clash. Photographers, PR agencies, Bloggers and Stylists rushed to get the perfect photo opportunities. About two minutes before the show was due to walk, the one and only Winnie Harlow made an appearance backstage, she quickly got ready and headed to the front of the line-up.  Photographers were then ushered to the side of the line-up to get the perfect snaps of the models walking on and off the runway.


The show was breath-taking. As the models strut their stuff, billows of fog puffed down the runway, paired with coloured strobe lights that reflected of the mirrored clothes. The show closed with Winnie Harlow in an outstanding black dress and Julien made an appearance at the end of the show to celebrate.



All in all, it was a weekend the Glitterbels team will never forget. We had the best time being apart of the show. We can’t wait to see what we get up to next.


Products Used:

Glitterbels Unbelievabel Gel - Karma

Glitterbels Unbelievabel Gel – Zen
Glitterbels Unbelievabel Gel – Dreamboat
Glitterbels Unbelievabel Gel – Luscious Lilac

Glitterbels Unbelievabel Gel – Black

Glitterbels Hema Free Gel Polish – Pastel Candy
Glitterbels Hema Free Gel Polish – Pastel Bon Bon
Glitterbels Hema Free Gel Polish – Pastel Peach

Glitterbels Hema Free Gel Polish – Pastel Blue
Glitterbels Hema Free Gel Polish – Glitter Ice

Glitterbels Hema Free Gel Polish – Irresistible
Glitterbels Hema Free No Wipe Topcoat
Glitterbels Hema Free No Wipe Holo Topcoat

Glitterbels Effortless Adhesion Glue

Glitterbels Unicorn Dust Brush

Glitterbels Scissors

Glitterbels Nippers


Photos: Ebony Shepherd

Nail Team: Marian Newman, Charli Jepson, Jennie Nippard, Adonia West, Nic hills and Kimberley Casey

Blogger: Charlotte Fletcher


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