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Hema Free Gel Polish: All You Need To Know

Hema Free Gel Polish: All You Need To Know

With our brand new Hema Free range launching, we got our head educator Charli Jepson to answer your burning questions. From how to use it to what this is have a read below for all you need to know.

Q1: Why have we changed the formula?

We haven’t changed the formula of our original gel polish range,  just expanded our already extensive product line to give our users the absolute best choice of quality products within the nail industry. We pride ourselves on being an ever-evolving brand that continues and will always continue to move with the times and keep launching new products for the amazing Glitterbels users. The Hema Free range is a testament to our commitment to bringing new and exciting ranges onto the market.

Q2: What is Hema and why has it been removed?

Hema is hydroxyethyl methacrylate which are monomers used to polymerise the gel polish, Hema is considered the number 1 allergen in nail and cosmetic products so removing it from this gel polish range grants nail techs the ability to perform nail services on clients who have shown signs of an allergy.

Q3: Will the new formula affect the quality of the gel?

Absolutely not! We pride ourselves on our amazing products and the Hema Free range has been worked on extensively to ensure it’s a top-quality product and will enable the tech to perform an excellent long-lasting gel polish without having to compromise on colour or longevity.

Q4: How many coats does the new formula need?

The wonderful news about our Hema Free range is that our focus has not only been on creating a Hema Free line but a gel polish that gives unbeatable coverage and we’re proud to say the products give amazing coverage after just two coats.

Q5: Will this affect the curing process?

No. Our gel polishes are all manufactured and tested to cure perfectly with our Glitterbels lamp so there will be zero issues with the curing process, just stunning nails in two coats.

Q6: How many shades are there in the Hema Free range?

Our new range of Hema Free will extend over 150 colour options so you do not have to compromise on colour when opting to move across to this gel polish range. With some exact colour matches and other new shades being made available you will have a wide variety to work with.

Q7: Do I need to do anything differently when working with Hema Free?

No, removing the Hema will not affect the quality or application process at all. So our existing customers can rest assured that they can purchase the range and start making gorgeous nails as soon as it arrives.

If you have any more questions or need a little more information please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will give you all of the answers you need.