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How To Become a Nail Technician

How To Become a Nail Technician

Have you ever wondered about having a career as a nail technician? Here at Glitterbels, we have courses from Complete Beginner if you’d like to start your career in nails, to Advanced to help you with your continued professional development (CPD) so, no matter what stage you are at, there are courses for everyone!

Being a nail technician is not just about being good at nails, remember you are going to be either working in a salon setting or self-employed, both of which demand the highest customer service skills and hygiene requirements.

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So where to begin?

Well first and foremost, choose the correct training provider, aftercare, and quality products for you, as these factors play a huge role in a nail technician’s success. Glitterbels pride themselves on award-winning training and products and see our investment in you as a way to elevate the standards within our industry. To become a complete beginner, you must first know the basics of anatomy and health and safety, which is all covered in our beginner courses. Once this is complete, you are already on your way to fulfilling your dream of being an accredited and well-educated nail technician! Now onto the practical, which is not as easy as it looks but every step will ultimately lead to you creating gorgeous nails that are strong, durable, and stunning, keeping clients coming back for regular nail treatments.

What are the advantages of being a nail technician?

The advantages of becoming a nail technician are absolutely the ability to take your work anywhere. Once you have the skill, you can take it with you when changing locations and your working environment.

Many technicians are now seeing the advantages of being self-employed, and this means you are able to manage your own diary, products, costs, and time. It also means you can rent your own space, become a mobile nail technician and travel to clients’ homes, or even work from home.

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What income can you earn?

The sky is the limit with this, and the question really lies in how often you want to work. If you’re prepared to work what some people may consider unsociable hours, then this is a brilliant way to attract clients that are unable to meet the time schedule within a salon.

At Glitterbels, you are able to train from 16 years old, so starting your nail career early means you are able to grow your clientele and have the possibility of working in a salon as a beauty apprentice, adding more services to your skill set and giving a wider range of treatments for your clients.

How can you train?

You are now able to train online and in a classroom, giving you lots more flexibility and the potential of being able to train whilst having to work alongside other commitments. Our classroom and online courses all mirror each other apart from being on screen with your educator, not in front of them, within the classroom.

Whatever you decide in your journey, being a nail tech is truly an awesome opportunity to enjoy your work, meet new people, work your own hours, and make some money.

Ask us how to start your nail journey by emailing us! You can also take a look at our available training courses via our website.