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How To Grow Your Social Media with @allnailss._

How To Grow Your Social Media with @allnailss._

Extending her posts across social media channels such as Instagram, Threads and TikTok, Aimee Link (@allnailss._) has managed to show her talent off in style and grow her following immensely. 

I’m Aimee, and I am the owner of @allnailss._, and I have been doing nails for a few years now. In this blog, I am going to talk about how I grew my social media following, things I did to boost my social presence, and I am going to talk through my tips to help you do the same! My Instagram profile currently has 104k followers, and I am very proud of how far I have come with it. Here’s what I did and focused on to achieve this:


Having consistent content allows your followers to expect posts of yours on their feed and will increase your interactions


Don’t put pressure on copying other creators; everyone has something unique about their social media, which is why bringing something new to the table is important.

Measure Your Successes

If you find a selection of stories and posts you have posted have particularly done well, keep track of exactly what you did. Once you know what receives the best interaction on your social channels, you can then make sure to post things that are similar e.g. trends, or post at a similar time of day, as your followers may be more active on social media in the evening, for example.


Following trends will allow your posts to be seen through trending hashtags and the content that the social media platform is pushing at that time. For example, may nail techs recently showed their skills by doing Barbie-themed nails after the new movie was released.

Remember Why You Started

Decide WHY you want to grow your platform: is it because you want to be recognised by brands or to gain clients? Doing this will help in what content you want to push out.

The best growth is through posting consistently! This was one of my fast-growing periods for my socials and was very beneficial for my online presence.


Here, you can see that I uploaded a story on my Instagram almost everyday, and by doing so, I kept my audience engaged in my content, and extended my reach to new followers. In order to do well on social media, you have to have a drive and passion for posting, sharing your nail looks, and engaging with your digital audience. I hope these tips have helped!