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Trends You Need to Look For in Autumn/Winter 2023

Trends You Need to Look For in Autumn/Winter 2023

As the air begins to cool and you find yourself swapping out your summer dresses and sandals for a cosy cardigan and chunky boots, prepare to get ready for an edgy look over the next few months. This Autumn and Winter things are set to get moody. For fall 2023 we are going to see a lot of midnight blues, royal purples, ink black, and mulled wines for the colour pallet. Pair these deep tones with edgy accessories fit for the lead singer of a rock band, and you’ll be ready to stun your clients with their mixed metal manicures. Don't you just love amazing autumn nails and wonderful winter nail art? 


On the Autumn/Winter runways, manicures have had a 3D makeover. Sleek black manicures were adorned with silver and gold chrome, giving a dripping metal look. The classic French look was shrunk to a “skinny” French tip and the white tips were traded in, classy greys and deep blues replaced them. Rich brown tones were paired with creams and beiges, decorated with chains and studs. This fall we are leaving the bright and bold Barbie pinks of the summer behind, and we are entering our rock girl era.


Ahead you’ll find 10 bold, beautiful, and chic nail art trends, including crushed velvet, skinny French manicure tips, silver, and gold gilded manicures, and studded, edgy vibes. We predict that these looks will have their viral moments throughout the latter part of this year.


Perfectly Punk

Think of the Valentino Rock Stud collection and your favourite 70’s rock band… now create that look on your nails. This is set to be one of the biggest trends in fall 2023 and we are here for it. Dark polish sprinkled with studded accessories and dainty chains is going to be a hit. If darker colours aren’t for you a semi-sheer builder gel as your base looks just as chic.


Sets by Stacey Machin (@staceymachin), using shade Frenchie from the Glitterbels Hema Free Builder-bel Gel range.


A Molten Mix of Metals

Chrome has been a consistent trend throughout 2023 and this fall we aren’t going to see this nail art technique fall from the top. No matter if it's gold, silver, rose gold, or a mixture of all, we’re just loving the look of mixed metals. This mix-match look gives off a bold look and is opposite from the quite luxury trend we have seen dominate over the summer. If you love the idea of your nails dripping in molten gold or silver, the trend is really easy to recreate with the Glitterbels Clear Hema Free Builder-bel gel in the shade “Crystal”. Use a Fine Liner brush and take a dollop of clear Builder-bel Gel, dab this on the nail, and use the end of your brush to swipe away. This creates a drip effect. Once cured, don’t remove the tacky layer, your chrome powder will need this to stick to. Lastly apply your chrome and a topcoat, cuticle oil, and take all those insta-worthy snaps.

Sets created by Annabel Maginnis (@nails_by_annabel_m), using Glitterbels.


Hot Chocolate Manicures

Deep browns and rich chocolate shades are always a hit when Autumn time comes, but this year it’s going to be a huge trend. Sultry and clean manicures with a hint of dark brown and creamy beiges are an ultimate combo. Whether you rock this color scheme in a French or a full nail it’s going to be a fan favourite. These simple, yet elegant shades are the epitome of luxury.


Left set created by Stacey Machin (@staceymachin), using Glitterbels Hema Free Builder Gel in the shade “First Date”.

Right set created by Aimee Link (@allnailss._), using Glitterbels Gel Polish in the shade “Chocolate Milkshake”.


Skinny French Tips and “Barely There” bases

The “barely there” look has been filling up our FYP’s and Instagram feeds for months. With the rise of internet “It Girls” like Sofia Richie and Matilda Djerf the simple and natural manicure has taken us all by storm. This classic nail style may be boring to some, but you can’t deny that it looks sophisticated and sleek. Without a doubt, it’s a great choice for those clients who opt for something minimal. Adding a thin French in a deep blue or a slate grey over the semi-translucent base is the perfect twist on this trend. The delicate French tip in a dark colour really elevates this trending look for fall.


Set created by Stacey Machin (@staceymachin), using all Glitterbels.


3D Builder Gel and Decals

We have seen a lot of designs incorporating a 3D look over the last few months. Whether it’s a shell design or the abstract blobs of gel, people love this dimensional look. You can easily create this eye-catching design with the Glitterbels Builder-bel Gel or Unbelievabel Gel Paints. Texture and cool decals help to add interest to your nail art, and we love seeing the creative ways people apply this 3D nail art.


Half Moons and Colour Blocking

“Half-moons” or “Crescent Moon Nails” are a funky, yet simple way to add something to a basic nail design. Leaving a half-circle shape on the nail, around the cuticle area, creates a couture look. It’s a simple trick to elevate your basic manicure and has been a celebrity and catwalk favourite. Using negative space and colour blocking the nail using deep, dark, and moody colours will be a big trend as we move into the wintertime. 


Set by Stacey Machin (@staceymachin), using the shade “Noble Navy” from the Glitterbels Hema Free Gel Polish range.


Tortious Shell Nails

This trend is one that seems to come back year after year. People can’t get enough of the Tortious Shell nails. Over the years we have seen multiple versions of this nail art, from French tips, negative space, adding pops of colour and chrome, blonde tortious shell and so many more. This trend doesn’t need an explanation, she speaks for herself, and she is here to stay.


Sets by Annabel Maginnis (@nails_by_annabel_m), using Glitterbels.


Matte Vs. Shiny… Why not both?

The contrast between matte and shiny finishes on nails is having a moment. Pairing a matte base with a shiny French tip or vice versa is a creative way to advance a look. This little nail hack will make your nails look red-carpet-ready. It is such a simple trend, but it always looks timeless.

Set created by Stacey Machin (@staceymachin), using the shade “Coffee Beans” from the Glitterbels Hema Free Gel Polish range.


Bold Ombre’s

We all know and love an Ombre nail, it’s a nail design that has been truly tried and tested over the years, and it will always be a reliable option when you don’t know what to do on a client. This fall we are going to see a lot of darker Ombre nails, using colours that clash and pop. Start your ombre with a wine red or a deep velvety purple. Blend it into a black or milky white to get the look.

Set created by Stacey Machin (@staceymachin), using Glitterbels Unbelievabel Gel in “White” and “Give It A Whirl”.


Red Velvet Cake Nails

Last Christmas we saw the massive popularity of cat eye gel. The sparkling gel is so fine it takes on the look of crushed velvet. It’s a gorgeous way to add texture and something extra to your nails. This fall we are expecting to see a lot of deep and shimmery reds, mimicking the colour pallets of the winter seasons. We can’t wait for everyone to be in their red nails era, because there is truly nothing better than a post-box red manicure.

Set created by Stacey Machin (@staceymachin), using Glitterbels Hema Free Gel Polish in the shade “Believe It” and Glitterbels Loose Glitter in the shade “Crimson Fine”.


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