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Advancing Nail Care: The Science, Health, and Market Trends Shaping the Future of Gel Polish

Advancing Nail Care: The Science, Health, and Market Trends Shaping the Future of Gel Polish

In the dynamic world of the nail technician, gel polish has revolutionised the way we think about nail care. At Glitterbels, we like to think we are at the forefront of this revolution, continually innovating to improve our formulations and responding to the demands of both beauty professionals and their customers alike. In this piece, we want to delve into the latest advancements in gel polish technology, the fascinating science behind it, the key health considerations, and emerging market trends setting the stage for the future.

The Science of Gel Polish

Gel polish differs from traditional nail varnish in its unique chemical composition and curing process. Unlike regular polish that dries in the air, gel polish contains photoinitiators and oligomers that require curing under UV or LED light to form a hard, durable finish. This process, known as 'photopolymerisation', transforms the liquid gel into a solid film in under a minute. The end result? A glossier, chip-resistant finish that can gracefully withstand the rigours of daily life as well as looking stunning for weeks, not days. 

Recent innovations have led to the development of faster-curing formulas and products that are easier to remove, reducing potential damage to the nail bed. We've covered the basics of this process in our detailed look at how to apply gel polish perfectly, where we discuss the essential steps to achieve that flawless finish. We were also one of the early movers in innovating in the HEMA-free space - delivering flawless results whilst minimising the risk of allergic reactions. 

Health Considerations in Gel Polish Use

As the sales of gel polish increase exponentially, understanding its impact on nail health has never been more crucial. At Glitterbels, the health and safety of the techs who apply our product and the customers who use it are paramount. We ensure that our gel polishes are formulated to be as nail-friendly as possible (like our HEMA-free range). But for optimum results, it's essential to follow proper nail care protocols when using gel polish. So if you are an absolute beginner or want a gel polish refresher, our online or classroom-based courses, delivered by our award-winning team, are for you.  For more insights on keeping gel nails healthy, check out our guide on how to make gel nails last longer while keeping them healthy.

Market Trends Impacting Gel Polish Popularity

The beauty industry's landscape is continually evolving, and gel polish is no exception. Market analysis shows a growing preference for at-home nail care solutions, propelled by the pandemic's constraints. This shift has led to an increased demand for DIY gel polish kits and products that promise salon-quality results in the comfort of one's home. Of course, Glitterbels gel polish is a professional-only product meaning every time it's applied to a set of nails the quality of the product is assured. 

We watch consumer trends closely and all indicators have pointed to a surge in interest in the customisation and personalisation of beauty products. Responding to this our range of colours and finishes is always expanding offering an ever-wider array of choices to our customers. 

Sustainability in Gel Polish Production

As we continue to innovate, sustainability remains at the heart of our operations. We're committed to reducing our environmental footprint through responsible sourcing of ingredients and improving the recyclability of our packaging. The conversation around eco-friendly beauty practices is gaining momentum, and we're proud to lead the charge in making the nail care industry greener.

At Glitterbels, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what gel polish can offer, ensuring we meet the needs of our discerning customers without compromising on quality or environmental responsibility now and in the future. If you’re new to the world of Glitterbels please explore our comprehensive range of gel polishes and join us in this exciting journey into the future of nail care. Remember, beautiful nails are not just about colour and shine—they're about smart science, conscientious choices, and embracing trends that resonate with our lifestyles.