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E-File (Online)
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E-File (Online)

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If you have any questions about dates, please contact a member of our training team at

Award-winning training from the number one nail team in the UK!

It will help improve your filing techniques, minimise strain in the arms, hands and shoulders, it can reduce your filing time and makes it easier to produce and maintain the perfect nail extensions.

Training includes;

  • How to use the e file
  • Different drill bits
  • How and when to use on artificial nails
  • Speeds required
  • Steps for infills
  • Finish filing
  • Cleaning and sanitising and troubleshooting

The course is run over 3 hours.

Please note only Glitterbels products can be used for our courses.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of e-file and how will it benefit me as a nail technician?

An e-file is a rotary tool that you can use to file your nails or remove enhancements. There are different bits that you can use for different jobs. Each one comes with a different grit, material, size, and shape. Using an e-file benefits nail technicians as they are a quicker and safer way to style your clients’ nails. You can use the bits to remove the previous style, shorten nails, remove cuticles, and file infected areas.

Do you need training to use an e-file?

The short answer is ‘Yes’. Using an e-file if you are not properly trained is not advised. Fortunately our E-File course will teach you how to use an E-File, safely and effectively to deliver optimum results on behalf of your clients for natural nails or nail enhancements.

Will I receive a qualification from this course?

Like all of our online courses, our E-File course is ABT accredited.

Do I need any experience before doing this online training course?

You must have either an acrylic, hard gel or builder gel certification for this course.

Can you provide face-to-face e-file training?

Of course! All our nail technician courses come with the ability to sit them in classrooms around the UK or online.

Can I start the online course right away?

After you book your training, the specialist education team will assign you to an educator. That educator will then contact you with a selection of possible dates for your training. If none of those dates work for you, we can assign you to someone else. You can also email us and choose which educator you want to train with. Joining the Glitterbels support team is a good way to see when educators are holding their online trainings so that you can pick a date that works for you.

What devices can I use to access this online course?

You can use an iPad, laptop, phone or computer to join the Zoom calls. However, we would suggest a smartphone is the less optimal method because the screen size is smaller and it might be harder to see.

How can I pay for this course? Do you offer finance?

You can pay for our courses using 0% finance. This means you don't have to pay the entire cost of the course at once. Many of our beginner students take this opportunity so they have time to grow their business and revenue stream. You will need to pay a minimum fee each month, but we do offer an interest free way to spread the payments.

Do I need to obtain insurance while taking this online course?

After you finish your E-File course, we advise you to contact ABT insurance. There, you can get insurance for the year. It will offer great protection at a good price.

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