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Glitterbels Acrylic Powders vs Traditional Acrylics

Glitterbels Acrylic Powders vs Traditional Acrylics

In the realm of nail enhancement, professional nail techs will always seek out products that combine exceptional quality with ease of use. Glitterbels Acrylic Powders stand out, we offer a range of acrylic powders that far surpass the capabilities of non-professional alternatives. Crafted for nail technicians who demand the best, Glitterbels provides a blend of superior adhesion, durability, and aesthetic diversity that is unmatched in the industry. In this piece, we wanted to explore how our acrylic powder stacks up with an alternative that could be bought on the high street. 

At the heart of Glitterbels' success is our commitment to innovation. Our powders are formulated to ensure a flawless, bubble-free application, enabling technicians to achieve a smooth, even finish with every use. This level of consistency is crucial for professionals who aim to deliver outstanding results to their clients consistently. And, as we all know consistency is key to both beautiful nails and customers who keep coming back! Unlike non-professional alternatives, Glitterbels powders are designed to minimise lifting and extend wear, ensuring that clients enjoy beautiful, long-lasting enhancements (and if you are interested in how acrylic nails can last longer, click here). 



One of the key differentiators of our Acrylic Powders is the exceptional colour range and versatility. From vibrant hues to subtle nudes, we offer an extensive palette that caters to every client's preference and seasonal trends. The inclusion of glittered powders allows nail technicians to push the boundaries of nail art, creating unique, eye-catching designs that set them apart from the competition. 

Safety and environmental responsibility also play a pivotal role in Glitterbels' product development. Our powders, (despite BREXIT) are formulated in compliance with strict EU regulations, ensuring that they are safe for both technicians and clients. This commitment to health and safety is not always prioritised in non-professional products, making Glitterbels a preferred choice for nail techs dedicated to maintaining high standards of practice.

Ease of application is another area where Glitterbels shines. Our powders offer a workable texture and optimal setting time, allowing for precise sculpting and customisation. This adaptability is essential for technicians who offer a wide breadth of services, from natural overlays to elaborate extensions. Stacking this up against an acrylic powder which can be found on the high street, will not provide the same level of control, limiting a technician's ability to tailor their application to the client's specific needs.

Education and support are further aspects where we excel. Understanding the importance of ongoing professional development, we offer comprehensive training and resources to help technicians master their craft. After all, it's one thing buying an acrylic powder, it's another knowing what to do with it.  Our dedication to education ensures that professionals using our products are not only equipped with high-quality powders and gels but also the knowledge and skills to use them effectively.

We think that our Acrylic Powders represent the pinnacle of quality and innovation in the nail industry. Our superior formulation, extensive colour range, and commitment to safety and education make us a clear choice for professionals seeking to elevate their services. As the industry continues to evolve, Glitterbels' focus on excellence and support for the professional community ensures that our products remain at the forefront, setting new standards for beauty and durability.