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Glitterbels No Wipe Topcoat vs. Standard Topcoats

Glitterbels No Wipe Topcoat vs. Standard Topcoats

We’re super confident that you will love every one of our products. However many customers may think ‘professional products’ can be bought on the high street or Amazon. So we wanted to stack up our No-Wipe Top Coat against those everyday top coats that can be picked up online for cheaper and used at home. So exactly how does our professional-grade product stand out in the bustling beauty market? Keep reading below to find out…

The Glitterbels No-Wipe Top Coat: A Cut Above

Our No-Wipe Top Coat isn’t just about giving you that glossy finish; it’s about revolutionising the way you work. Designed specifically for professional use, this top coat eliminates the sticky residue left behind by traditional top coats. Your workflow becomes more efficient, allowing you to achieve that flawless, top-quality finish in no time.

Professional Perks:

No-Wipe Wonder: Our top coat is ready immediately, streamlining your service.
Durability: We promise a chip-resistant, lasting shine that keeps your clients’ nails looking pristine for longer.
Ease of Use: Our formula is professional-grade yet user-friendly, ensuring a smooth, flawless application every time.


Introducing Our HEMA Free No-Wipe Top Coat

But here's where we truly shine – our Glitterbels HEMA Free No-Wipe Top Coat. In the professional nail tech world, catering to clients with sensitivties is a game-changer. Our HEMA Free formula is designed for those seeking a safer, more inclusive option for their manicure needs.

Understanding the need for more skin-friendly options in professional nail care, we developed our HEMA-Free No-Wipe Top Coat. This special formula ensures that every client can enjoy a stunning, durable manicure without worrying about allergic reactions or sensitivities.

What Sets It Apart:

Safety First: Formulated without HEMA, this top coat is ideal for clients with sensitive skin, minimising the risk of allergic reactions.
Streamlined Service: Like our original No-Wipe Top Coat, this version requires no fuss post-application, making your workflow smoother and faster.
Lasting Beauty: It delivers the same durable, long-lasting shine and chip resistance, ensuring your clients leave satisfied every time.


Why Glitterbels Stands Out

For professional nail technicians, choosing the right products is paramount. Our HEMA Free No-Wipe Top Coat not only simplifies the manicure process but can also expand your customers by accommodating those with allergies.

Dedication to Professionals: Our products are crafted with the professional nail technician in mind, focusing on quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction.
Inclusivity in Beauty: We believe in catering to all clients, so we’ve created a product that ensures no one is left behind due to skin sensitivities.
A Brand You Can Trust: At Glitterbels, we’re committed to innovation and excellence. Our HEMA Free No-Wipe Top Coat exemplifies our dedication to providing top-tier, professional-only products that meet the diverse needs of your customers.

Combining the ease and efficiency of our No-Wipe formula with the skin-safe benefits of our HEMA Free option, we're proud to offer professional nail technicians a product that not only enhances your craft but puts customer safety top of the agenda. So what’s the difference between Glitterbels No Wipe Topcoat and Highstreet competition? A world of difference - as our reviews prove.