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National Nail Tech Price Increase Day

National Nail Tech Price Increase Day

Often when we start our nail career journey we don’t know much about pricing or understanding business costs. Over time, as our skills and clientele grow and the cost of living increases, it’s important for nail techs to re-evaluate their prices. 


We have spoken to a lot of nail technicians over the years and one thing we have discovered is that it is hard to put a price on your own skills and it can be even harder to raise those prices. Glitterbels are showing their support and standing by its community of nail techs and artists by providing some important information that may help to make raising your service costs a little easier.


Since each nail technician’s skill, location and the products they use can vastly differ, it is difficult for us to set a standard cost of service across the board. What a customer is willing to pay in the centre of London could greatly differ to what a customer is willing to pay on the outskirts of a big city. We recommend looking at salon prices in your area when setting your own, this will give you a better insight as to what people are willing to pay.

Glitterbels also recommends that you promote why you choose to use certain brands over others. Nail techs across the globe pride themselves on their beautiful work, using highly pigmented gels and acrylic with vast shade ranges. If we want to offer a premium service, it starts with the products we use. Buying professional nail products can be expensive, and with thousands of colours to choose from, building up your range can be even more difficult if you are undercharging. When using a professional system, there might be 4 different products you need to apply before you get to your chosen shade, clients might not understand why this is. 


Glitterbels is a brand, aimed at professional and fully qualified nail technicians. Due to their highly pigmented, vegan formula, long-lasting shine, added strength, and extensive colour range this product can be costly, however with that cost is guaranteed quality.

Sharing your knowledge and expertise will help them understand the cost behind the nails and the price tag on them. Be sure to inform your clients on why it’s important to use professional products for long-lasting, beautiful nails at every appointment. The use of cheaper and unregulated nail products can cause a plethora of problems including damage to your natural nails and skin and severe allergic reactions. Initial and ongoing training is crucial for any nail technician, our industry is changing all the time with new trends and products, and it’s important for us to continue our education throughout our careers, so we can ensure we are offering the best service.

Along with the price of tools and products needed to complete your services, the cost of living is something that has also increased. Gas, electricity, water, and tax are all things nail techs need to consider when thinking about what they charge their clients. Rent is also something that can differ depending on location. 


Overall, we believe that nail technicians need to stand together and educate our customers on why our prices may change, in order to protect the future of the nail industry. We stand by our fellow nail technicians and artists, we want to empower them and celebrate their creativity, skill, and knowledge. 


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Let’s stand together, explore creativity, and know our worth - Annabel Maginnis