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Perfect your nail prep with the Glitterbels New Tool Kits

Perfect your nail prep with the Glitterbels New Tool Kits

Glitterbels are excited to announce the launch of their brand-new collection of nail tools. After working on this collection of high quality and durable Nail Clippers, Cuticle Nippers, and Pushers we are proud to say that magical manicures have never been so easy to achieve.

Available to purchase as a stunning kit or individually, these tarnish-free tools are a crucial part of any nail technician’s kit. Glitterbels believe that behind every set of long lasting and beautiful nails is a tech that has spent time prepping her clients nails correctly. The perfect prep is truly one of the best ways to ensure that your application retention will last, leaving your clients happy and more importantly willing to return for another exceptional set of nails.

The new range of Glitterbels Tools are crafted using stainless steel, covered in the iconic Glitterbels gold adding a touch of elegance to their precision and practicality. This wonderful selection of tools each have their own specific role in helping perfect the natural nail for treatment. To find out more about how to best use each one, keep reading.

Let’s start off with the Glitterbels Nail Clippers, the perfect tool to shorten your talons quickly and effortlessly. Glitterbels aim to provide beautiful products with exceptional efficiency and this time is no different. Experience precision at its best with our curved nail clippers. The classic-shaped blades are expertly crafted to effortlessly clip and trim both figure nails and toenail. Simply place your nail between the blades, being careful not to cut too close to the hyponychium. The curved edge seamlessly follows the natural nail shape, ensuring a flawless finish. This essential nail tool has never looked chicer.

Once your nails are at your preferred length, you may want to tend to those pesky cuticles. Glitterbels have not one, but two types of cuticle pusher in their new tool collection. Starting with our standard “Curved Pusher”, this multi-faceted curved cuticle pusher is a staple for anyone looking to create remarkable nails with ease. The subtle curve, in different sizes at each end allows you to push back the proximal nail fold without worry about damaging the nail plate.

 Our “Dual-ended Cuticle Pusher” will help elevate your cuticle prep and take your nails to the next level. A tool created for flawless nails, designed to kick excess cuticle to the curb. Complete with an angled, hook-like tip on one side, used for particularly stubborn excess skin. Its curved blade effortlessly helps to safely ensure removal is swift.

The next step you may use in your prep routine is to clip away the excess skin you have pushed back. Introducing our brand-new cuticle nippers. With their easy-glide single spring clamp designed for flawless removal of non-living tissue, achieving beautiful nails is no longer a distant dream when you prep with Glitterbels.

Now you know how to use and care for each of the Glitterbels nail tools. The gorgeous and gilded tools will look fabulous on your nail desk, whilst offering functionality and flawless prep to each and every nail. The Glitterbels team will be releasing a series of videos over the next few week to show you how to use each tool.

These gorgeous tools are just one of the amazing new products we are releasing for our birthday month. These stunning nail tech staples are now available to purchase here. The Glitterbels tools will be also available to purchase, test and try at our DreamFest event on June 23rd.

To book tickets to the Glitterbels DreamFest Event, a day filled with new products, educational talks, product demonstrations, celebrity guests and giveaways, click here.