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Client Conversations: Common Queries About Acrylic Nails

Client Conversations: Common Queries About Acrylic Nails

The beauty industry has seen a tremendous surge in trends, but few have been growing as fast as acrylic nails. We nail technicians know that open communication forms the bedrock of a good relationship with a client. For nail technicians, the challenge often lies in blending the roles of artist, educator and (sometimes) counsellor!  As professionals, addressing the most frequent queries about acrylics is essential when building trust and loyalty with clients. Here are some common questions you are likely to be asked about acrylic nails and how you should handle them. 

Longevity & Maintenance:

"How long do acrylic nails last?" This is perhaps the most common question. On average, acrylics last about 2-3 weeks. However, with proper care and regular fills, they can maintain their pristine appearance for longer. The importance of fills, done every 2-3 weeks, can't be stressed enough; they prevent lifting and keep nails looking fresh.

Health & Safety: 

A well-informed client may ask, "Will acrylics harm my natural nails?" Proper application and removal are paramount to ensuring no damage occurs. When done correctly and by a trained professional acrylics are, of course, 100% safe. However, technicians should always be prepared to discuss potential issues like fungal infections or the potential of allergic reactions and to ensure clients know that these kind of issues are extremely rare occurrences.

The Process:

For the uninitiated, the application process might seem daunting. A full set of acrylic nails can take anywhere between 45 minutes to two hours. Explaining the difference between full sets and fills is essential, as is shedding light on the curing process. Some clients might be curious as to why a UV/LED light isn’t required for Acrylics but is for Gel Nails.  


Aesthetic Choices:

With so many designs and colors available, clients often wonder about customization. Can they customize their design? The answer is a resounding ‘Of course!’.  As a nail tech, you should be confident in your ability to craft a myriad of designs, from intricate patterns to bold colors. And, unlike regular nail polish, acrylic nail paints have staying power and resistance to fading.

Acrylics vs. Other Enhancements:

Clients might be curious about how acrylics stack up against gels and other enhancements. While each method has its own features and benefits, acrylic nails are renowned for their durability and longevity. They're also easily customizable, making them a favorite for those seeking more intricate designs.


Once clients have their gorgeous set of acrylics, the focus shifts to care. Daily maintenance, avoiding activities that might cause damage, and using recommended products ensure the nails remain in tip-top shape. The golden rules? Never use your nails as tools, protect them with cuticle oil and, if damage does occur, encourage your clients to come back to you and avoid the temptation to DIY them!

Removal Process:

The urge to peel off outgrown acrylics can be tempting, but it's a strict no-no. Emphasize to your clients the importance of professional removal and how essential it is for the natural nail. Nail techs should guide clients through the post-removal aftercare process, ensuring the natural nails remain strong and healthy. 

Acrylic nails have now firmly secured their spot in the top tier of the modern manicure. As nail technicians, our role extends beyond the mere application. Ensuring clients are informed, addressing their concerns, and encouraging open conversation can transform a simple salon visit into an enriching experience for both ourselves and our clients.