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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a top coat nail polish?

Gel top coats seal the colour into place and help create a chip-free, high-shine, long-lasting gel polish manicure.

Do you have to use a top coat?

Yes. You must always finish your gel polish with a gel top coat to ensure your manicure is complete. The gel's inhibition layer will remain wet and never dry without a top coat.

Are top coats good for your nails?

A top coat is not harmful to nails. It simply allows manicured nails to be completed correctly, making them last 2-3 weeks and remain glossy.

How long does the top coat last?

Gel polish top coats will last the duration of your gel polish manicure.

How long does it take to dry?

When dried under a UV lamp, a top coat should cure in 60 seconds.

Are basecoats and topcoats the same thing?

No. Basecoats are for preparation of gel polish application, and topcoats are for finishing the services. Both have very different jobs and ingredients and can not replace one with the other. 

Is top coat the same as clear coat nail polish?

No. Clear nail polish contains no oligomers or photoinitiators and will dry in minutes after application; however, a gel top coat will need curing in a lamp and is the only top coat used on any gel polish colour.