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Nail Builder Gel in a Bottle

For natural nails our range of Builder Gels are for you. Our Builder Gels provide the perfect base coat for nail art and helps provide shape and strength for the nail itself or for short enhancements.
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Builder Gel

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are nail builder gels and what do they do?

Brush on builder gel polish is a thicker viscosity gel that allows you to create a long-lasting manicure that helps create structure and strength. This gel formula also allows the user to create a short extension to the nail once applied over a tip. This allows clients a little extra touch to their manicure and nail service.

What's the difference between gel polish and builder gel?

Builder Gel is a thicker viscosity gel than traditional gel polishes, it is also great for self-levelling which helps to create a smooth foundation layer for your gel polish to be applied to.

Do builder gels last longer than regular gel polish?

Builder Gel is an excellent nail service, offering ultimate staying power and adding another service to offer your clients. Once applied correctly it’s every bit as strong and long-lasting as traditional gel polish if not more so.

How do you remove builder gels?

Builder Gel can be removed by soaking the nails in acetone for 15 minutes. The excess builder gel can then also be removed with a wooden tool. Repeat the process if needed.

Can you infill builder gels?

Brush-on builder gels are great to infill however we do advise you offer this 3 times before doing a full removal to ensure you're checking the client's nail health then reapply a new set.

Do you need a base coat with builder gel?

Yes we recommend applying one layer of regular basecoat first and cure for 30 seconds. This will help to ensure that your adhesion is not compromised.

Can builder gel be used as a top coat?

We would not advise using builder gel as a top coat as it could easily scratch.