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Frequently Asked Questions

What is nail monomer?

A nail monomer is a liquid that provides excellent adhesion for acrylic nails. Glitterbels liquid Monomers give nails a natural strength.

How do I apply liquid monomer?

Pour a small amount of monomer into a dish. Wet your brush in the monomer and make sure to get all the hairs wet. Swish the brush around to remove any trapped air bubbles (air bubbles can make your product weaker and can cause it to break). Shape the brush by flattening the hairs on both sides. This will help you to sculpt and to remove excess liquid from the brush.

What's the difference between monomer and nail liquid?

The term nail liquid is a different term for a monomer. Acrylic nails are made of a combination of powders and liquids. Polymer is the powder, and monomer is the liquid. The smell you associate with a salon is from the monomer.

Is monomer the same as acrylic nail liquid?

Like with nail liquid, acrylic nail liquid is a different term for the same product.

What can I use instead of monomer for my nails?

There is no alternative to monomer. Without a monomer, you will be unable to create an acrylic nail.