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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of glitter is used for nail glitter?

Glitter is made from a type of plastic called polyester. Polyester is strong and resists chemicals, so it is often used in fingernail products and cosmetics.

How do you mix nail glitter with gel polish?

Take an empty clear pot and mix the clear gel and glitter together. The more glitter you add, the more it will cover. The consistency should not be too thick, or it will not allow the product to cure properly and lead to under-cure, which could result in peeling and the overexposure of unreacted monomers.

Can nail glitter be used on gel nails?

Yes, nail glitter can be used on gel nails you can burnish the glitter into the inhibition layer of a cured top coat or base coat to give a sparkly shine.

Can nail glitters be used on acrylic nails?

Glitter is perfect for acrylic nails!