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Gel Polish - A Buyers Guide for 2024

Gel Polish - A Buyers Guide for 2024

Gel Polish is big, big business. We see a constant stream of customers demanding more unique colours and us and our competitors iterating with new formulas to make sure something new and different is always there. So we thought we'd put together a little buyer's guide for gel polish. In this piece, we'll explore its history, why it's so popular, what we think next plus loads. more. So let's dive in.

Gel polish was first invented in the 1990s as a more durable alternative to traditional nail polish. Since then, its popularity has exploded, with people all over the world using it to create beautiful, long-lasting manicures. Gel Polish was formulated first as a professional product, but today it is easily accessible for at-home use. As ever though we would always suggest seeking the advice of a professional nail technician before you do anything to your nails!
To achieve the best results with gel polish, you need to make sure you have all of the necessary equipment. This includes a quality UV lamp, lint-free wipes, and a good base and top coat. You also want to make sure you don't flood your cuticles, use thin layers of polish, and cap the free edge - this will give you a lasting finish. So what essential equipment would you need to perform the perfect gel nail manicure?

So the essentials you will need are:

 - UV Lamp
- Lint-free wipes
- Base and top coat
- Gel polish of your choice.

In terms of colours, there is something for everyone. This year we're seeing mattes and pastels dominating the market, but if you want to go bold you can easily find bright neons or glittery metallics. Exploration of different brands can be a great way to find the perfect shade for you or just have some fun creating new looks with combinations from different collections. Here is the top five perennial  favourites for us here at Glitterbels: 

French Pink Opal 
Glamour Puss
Rose Wine
Black Gloss 

The Pantone colour for 2023 is Viva Magenta (which is very Psycho & Sweet) and this pink hue will play a big part in the gel polish collections of many a supplier and the designs of technicians. Soft beiges, nudes and pinks are ever-popular for subtle everyday looks and brighter oranges, greens and blues make a statement for bolder looks.

So what's next for Gel Polish? At Glitterbels, we are always looking ahead and staying ahead of the trends. We think metallics will be big for 2023, with holographic manicures making an even bigger splash. As far as colours go, we predict that there will be a focus on soft pastels and muted tones alongside brighter neons.
Let's look at what's happening for 2025 in the world of gel nails around the globe. Let's start in the far east and Japan, specifically. The trend for 'glass nails' is set to be a big trend over there this year. Glass nails are a look created using a transparent gel polish for a frosty, almost glass like effect. Staying in Japan, nudes are set to be ever popular this year, with soft, subtle looks reminiscent of a natural nail being all the rage.
What about over the Atlantic in the US? Chrome is set to be big in 2024, with mirror-finish nails taking over. Combining chrome and mattes is also a great way to create unique looks for clients. Playing around with different finishes certainly looks set to be big this year.
So there you have it - a guide to what's popular and what's next in gel polish for 2024! We hope this has given you a bit of insight into the world of gel nails and perhaps inspired some ideas for your next set. So make sure to check out Glitterbels for our latest collections and don't forget to tag us in your creations.