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Glitterbels Gel Polish Vs. The Rest

Glitterbels Gel Polish Vs. The Rest

The beauty industry is ever-evolving, constantly introducing innovative products that promise enhanced aesthetics along with improved health benefits. It's fair to say that here at Glitterbels we were proud to lead the charge in developing HEMA-free gel polishes, placing us at the forefront of one of the beauty industry's most significant transformations.

Proud of being pioneers in reformulating our gel polishes to be HEMA-free, we took a strategic decision that has established new benchmarks for safety and quality in the realm of gel nails. This change also aligns with our commitment to delivering top-tier nail care products that benefit both nail technicians and clients globally.

Why HEMA-Free Is Crucial

Historically, HEMA (Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate) has been a go-to ingredient in gel polishes for its bonding properties. Nonetheless, its potential to trigger allergic reactions has been a concern for health-conscious consumers and professionals alike. By transitioning to HEMA-free gel polishes, we've proactively addressed these concerns, offering a safer alternative that does not compromise the quality and durability demanded by professional nail technicians, setting us apart from other professional-only brands.

Glitterbels Vs. Traditional Gel Polishes

Notably, leading high street and professional gel polish brands have earned their stripes by delivering long-lasting, vibrant nails. However, these brands typically include HEMA in their formulations, a substance known to cause skin sensitivities in some individuals. Recognising the growing concerns over these sensitivities, we took a significant leap by developing a line of HEMA-free gel polishes. Our innovative approach ensures that beauty and well-being are not compromised, offering a safer alternative for users with sensitive skin or allergies. Our HEMA Free range is now simply just our gel polish - no HEMA as standard. 

Enhanced Safety Without Compromising Quality

Our HEMA-free gel polish does not sacrifice the quality and longevity that nail technicians and their clients expect. Unlike the traditional formulations found in consumer brands, Glitterbels' products provide exceptional adhesion, rich colour payoff, and a glossy finish, all without the risk of adverse reactions. This fact positions us as the ideal choice for those seeking top-notch aesthetics without compromising safety.

A Dedication to Health and Sustainability

The beauty industry's shift towards more sustainable and health-conscious formulations is a trend Glitterbels proudly spearheads. While our competitors may offer a broad spectrum of colours and effects, we distinguish ourselves by ensuring our entire line is devoid of potentially harmful chemicals. This commitment goes beyond individual well-being, embracing a wider responsibility towards environmental stewardship.

Why Choose Glitterbels?

Opting for Glitterbels' HEMA-free gel polish means choosing a product that prioritises your health, safety, and satisfaction. In a market brimming with options, Glitterbels stands out for its commitment to providing high-quality, inclusive, and safe nail care solutions. By choosing Glitterbels, professionals and clients alike can relish the beauty of gel nails without risking their well-being.

As the nail care industry continues to advance, Glitterbels remains ahead, championing safer alternatives and pushing the boundaries of innovation. We invite you to experience the Glitterbels difference and join us in adopting a healthier approach to beauty.