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How to apply Hema Free Builder Gel

How to apply Hema Free Builder Gel

We prepared a handy video on how to apply Hema Free Builder Gel but we know that not everyone will have the opportunity to watch it so we have transcribed the video for you below: 


Step 1: Clean and shape the client’s natural nails. Gently push back the cuticle and remove any non-living tissue. Once the natural nail has been prepped to perfection, use a dust brush to remove any dust. Once the nail is clean, apply the Glitterbels Hema Free Dehydrator and Acid Free Primer, ensuring that you cap the free edge. Apply a thin layer of the Glitterbels Hema Free Basecoat and cure for 60 seconds.

Ist Layer 

Step 2: Glitterbels Builder- bel Gel comes with a brush, so you can paint the product on with ease and have amazing nails in minutes. However, if you want to use a different brush, we recommend our Oval Unbelievabel Gel brush. Apply a thin layer of your chosen colour to the nail and cure for 60 seconds before going in with a thicker second layer.

2nd Layer 

Step 3: The second coat is to be applied thicker, to give the nail strength and build structure. Place a drop of Builder-bel Gel at the cuticle making sure not to flood the area and use the tip of your brush to work the product to the tip of the nail. Sway your brush from side to side for a seamless and smooth finish. Cure in a lamp for 60 seconds.


Step 4: Once you have applied the Builder-bel Gel and the product is fully cured, take the Glitterbels Diamond Shine Cleanser and a lint free wipe and remove the tacky layer thoroughly, before moving on to refine and file the nails.


Step 5: Take a Glitterbels 180 grit nail file and refine your sidewalls and free edge. We also suggest taking a buffer to the top of the nail to perfect the look and even out any areas that may be too thick.


Step 6: Add a pop of colour or a design with our Hema Free Gel Polish range or simply topcoat with the Glitterbels Hema Free Topcoats. Whichever your client chooses, their nails will be totally Instagram-worthy.


Step 7: When you have finished your set, be sure to apply a couple of drops of the Glitterbels cuticle oil. This will help promote healthy nail growth and nourish the skin around the nails.


Step 8: Take a few snaps of your latest set and tag @glitterbels in your creation on Instagram. We love seeing our customers work and we love sharing it even more. Now that you have finished all the steps, there is nothing left to do than to fall in love with this product.

Annabel's Top Tips:

  • Use a Glitterbels Unbelievabel Gel Brush for Builder-bel Gel application, the brush is perfect for a flawless application.

  • To perfect your cuticle area, use a fine liner brush and gently brush the product around the cuticle.

  • Use the puddle and raindrop method to apply the Builder-bel Gel. This helps with structure and nail shape.

  • Try to take your nail photos in natural light, use a natural backdrop so those nails really pop.

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