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how to make builder gel nails last longer

How to Make Builder Gel Nails Last Longer

Builder gel is becoming more and more popular and is often the go-to product for nail technicians throughout the country. Why? It's versatile, easy to use and comes in a great range of colours. It also adds strength to the natural nail, allowing your clients to sport the latest nail trends without damaging their nails. But how do make builder gel nails last longer? Spoiler alert: it's not rocket science, so keep reading to find out...

Proper Nail Preparation is fundamental

To ensure a long-lasting builder gel manicure. The nails need to be well-prepped before applying the builder gel, so make sure you clean them with acetone and a cuticle pusher to push back the cuticles. Then buff the nails lightly followed by an application of base coat. Following these simple and basic steps will help when it comes to helping builder gel nails to last longer.


Choosing the right builder gel

First up, are you using the right builder gel? There is a huge variety of builder gels (and other nail art products) on the market with price disparities to match. At Glitterbels we are proud of the R&D that we put into all of our products and we only ever make them with the professional user in mind. And, like with most things - builder gel is no exception - buying cheap can mean paying twice.

So you have chosen your builder gel (and we'd recommend Gliltterbels!) - are you applying it correctly?

Firstly, be sure to apply a thin layer of builder gel on each nail. Too much product can put too much pressure on the natural nails and lead to weak and brittle nails, so be mindful not to over-apply. Secondly, use a UV/LED lamp when curing (hardening) the builder gel. Not only will it help to ensure a longer-lasting manicure, but it will also guarantee that the product is fully cured and at its strongest. And, if you have experienced problems with curing builder gel in the past, be sure to check this blog


To keep builder gel nails looking great for longer, there are certain activities to avoid - such as washing the dishes without gloves. Other than avoiding damaging activities, make sure you regularly moisturise the nails, resist the temptation to pick or peel off the product and don’t forget about regular maintenance. These simple steps will help keep builder gel nails looking great for longer.

Building beautiful and strong nails with builder gel is easy when you know how. It all starts with proper nail preparation; followed by choosing the right builder gel, applying it correctly and finishing with some simple aftercare. Following these steps will help ensure that your client’s nails look great - and last longer!

At Glitterbels we have a full holistic range of nail products and though we are a young brand, we're becoming more and more popular.  And, if you are keen to learn new builder gel techniques or if you are a builder gel novice, head on over to our training section. Here you can choose courses either online or in a classroom environment from our award-winning educators.