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How to Remove Builder Gel

How to Remove Builder Gel

Builder gel is known for its long-lasting results and glossy finish. However, removing builder gel polish can be difficult and time-consuming.

What Do You Need to Remove Builder Gel at Home?

To remove builder gel at home, you need acetone, cotton balls or pads, foil, and a nail clipper.

Step-by-Step: How to Remove Builder Gel Nails

Trim Your Nails

Start by trimming your nails using nail clippers. At this point, be careful not to cut too close to your skin. If you have long natural nails, make sure you don't cut them too short.

File Your Nails

Now, grab a nail file. File your nails back and forth across the nail. This might take some time, so it is best to use a fresh sharp nail file. Remember to dust off your nails from time to time so you can check on your progress. Keep going until you only have a thin layer of gel left on your nails.

Buff Your Nails

Now use the nail buffer to smooth out any marks left by the nail file. It is okay to leave a thin layer of gel on the nail as it grows out to protect the natural nail.

Start by grabbing a nail buffer. With the buffer, even out any leftover builder gel on your nails and remove any scratches or marks. To add shine back to your nails, polish them with the white side of the buffer. You can also choose to paint your nails with a gel polish base coat and top coat or apply regular nail polish.

Use Cuticle Oil

Next, apply some cuticle oil. It's important to apply cuticle oil every day to maintain strong and healthy nails.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you remove builder gel without a drill?

Yes, you can by using acetone. You should saturate the builder gel with acetone and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before gently scraping off the product. Once all of the builder gel has been removed, you can use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean off any residue that may be left behind. 

How long does builder gel take to soak off?

Builder gel typically takes 30 minutes to soak off. Depending on the type of builder gel you are using, the amount of time it takes can vary. For example, some brands may require a longer soak-off time than others. Additionally, if your nails are thicker or have more product built up, then this could add additional time for soaking off as well. When soaking off builder gels, start with a 10-15 minute soak and then check to see if it is ready to come off easily before increasing the soaking time further.