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How to remove Hema Free Builder Gel

How to remove Hema Free Builder Gel

We prepared a handy video on How to remove Hema Free Builder-bel Gel but we know that not everyone will have the opportunity to watch it so we have transcribed the video for you below: 


Step 1:

Firstly, file over the nail with a 180 grit file, removing only the product and not any part of the natural nail’s regrowth. All the products must be etched in order for the removal to be successful and easy. Remove most of the bulk of product with a file, to help speed up the removal process.

Step 2:

Once the bulk of the product has been filed away, soak the nails in Glitterbels Acetone with a foil wrap. For best results, ensure your foil wraps are secured tightly around the finger and that the cotton pad inside has been saturated in acetone, leaving to soak for 15 minutes. 

Step 3:

When removing the foil wraps, do so in a shearing motion to allow the majority of the product to lift with the cotton pad. If product remains on the nail, repeat this process. You can use a wooden scraper to gently remove excess product from the nail plate. You must be careful not to scratch the nail if you are using this technique.

15 MINUTES Later...

Step 4:

Once all the product is removed, use a buffer to shine the nail and add some cuticle oil to moisturise and nourish the skin and nails.

We hope you enjoyed this 'How to' guide. If you want any more handy tips and tricks head on over to our 'How to' section...