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How to Strengthen Nails After Acrylics

How to Strengthen Nails After Acrylics

As professional nail technicians, we can occasionally see clients with nails that can become thin after acrylic nail treatment. As such it's important to be able to confidently educate your clients as to how to strengthen their nails after acrylic treatment. This guide aims to help you equip your clients with the knowledge to keep their nails super healthy, especially after applying acrylics. 

Keep Hands and Nails Moisturised: 

The first step in post-acrylic nail care is moisturise regularly. A daily regime of hydrating hand creams and oils can significantly improve nail flexibility and prevent brittleness. This routine helps in repairing the nail’s natural barrier, making them less prone to damage and breakage. 

Top tip: Keeping nails and hands hydrated is good advice for everyone whether they have had their nails done or not! 

Use a Professional to Remove Acrylic Nails: 

It's highly recommended to encourage clients to have their acrylic nails removed by a trained therapist in a salon setting. Professional removal ensures minimal damage to the natural nail plate. A trained therapist has the expertise to efficiently remove acrylics without over-filing or harming the natural nails, preserving their integrity. This approach not only ensures the health of the nail post-removal but also provides an opportunity for the therapist to assess and recommend further nail care treatments tailored to the client's specific needs.

Use Cuticle Oil:


Another key aspect of nail recovery is maintaining cuticle health. The Glitterbels Pineapple Cuticle Oil is an excellent product for this purpose. Regular use of this oil keeps cuticles and nails nourished, promoting stronger natural nails. This product is also a perfect retail item for nail technicians to offer clients, enhancing their at-home nail care routine as well as providing nail techs with a supplementary income stream. Not only does the use of cuticle oil keep cuticles and nails nourished, but applying cuticle oils before the soak-off process can significantly speed up removal. This practice also helps reduce dehydration of the nail plate, which is essential in preventing brittleness 

Professional-Only Treatments and Reputable Professionals:

This should be an easy one as your clients already see the value in using a professional nail technician! But you should underline to your clients to seek professional-only treatments for any acrylic nail treatments. The right professional can offer quality products (like Glitterbels) and expert techniques essential for effective application and, of course, recovery. 

Further Learning and Development:

Continual learning and skill enhancement are crucial in the nail industry, especially when it comes to new techniques and, of course, post-application care. We offer a huge range of courses perfect for the novice, or the seasoned professional. Our Acrylic courses provide invaluable insights into the latest techniques and products, ensuring that you are equipped to offer the best care and advice to your clients.

In our role as nail techs, we have the responsibility to guide our clients towards healthier nail practices, especially after acrylic treatments. Implementing these steps in your salon will ensure that your clients' nails are not only kept healthy but are also maintained in their optimal state. Remember, nail knowledge and the right products are key to achieving healthy, strong nails post-acrylic application.