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The professional gel nail polish evolution

The professional gel nail polish evolution

Gel nails have become an increasingly popular type of manicure in the last decade, and for good reason. Gel nails are a kind of nail polish that, when cured with a UV lamp, produces a glossy, durable manicure that cures quickly. Gel nail polish is applied to the nails, cured under a UV or LED lamp and then sealed with a topcoat. Gel nails offer many benefits over other types of artificial nails such as longer wear time, faster curing time, and stronger adhesion. In this piece, we'll explore the history, evolution and what the future could hold for gel nails. 

Consumer reaction and benefits 

The evolution of gel polish has been pivotal in revolutionizing the nail industry. It has made manicures quicker and more accessible than ever before.  Many professional technicians now specialize in providing gel polishes, catering to clients with a variety of preferences. Products that resembled gel polish first appeared in the 1980s but, due to the curing methods involved, many brands pulled their products from the market. It wasn't until 2010 that gel polish and the professional gel polish processes that we recognize today gained prominence in the market when CND launched their Power Polish. 

So what is it about professional gel polishes that customers loved so much?  Well, one of the main advantages is that it offers a longer wear time than other types of nail polishes. It also allows for a more even application and requires fewer coats. The fundamental benefit as far as customers were concerned vs. traditional nail lacquer (or nail polish) is that professional gel polish is much less likely to chip and peel which means a manicure can last much longer. 

Diversity in finishes 

One of the benefits of professional gel polishes that customers love so much is the diverse range of finishes.  There is a color and finish to suit every occasion. Whether going for a vibrant pink, French Manicure look or something more edgy and modern like chrome, there's bound to be a Glitterbels gel polish that will make a customer's nails stand out. The diversity of colors available means that people can experiment with different looks and create truly unique designs. 

The rise of gel polish 

The rise in the use of professional gel nail products, in fact, all nail products has been exponential. Grand View Research anticipate that the sales of gel nail polish (professional and consumer) will grow by 8% per annum between now and 2023.  This growth has been driven by a combination of increased consumer demand, the availability of more varied products and the rise of nail treatments more generally. 


The Future

At this point, it is fair to say, that gel nails have revolutionised the way we think about manicures and nail art. But what does the future hold for gel polishes? One trend that we have been proud to be at the forefront of is HEMA-free products. Here at Glitterbels we started hearing about the negative impacts of HEMA and decided to do something about it. We have already created a HEMA-free builder gel and we can see HEMA-free products becoming the norm, especially for professional nail products. 

To wrap up, gel polish is no longer just a trend but is now an industry standard. With the help of innovative products and techniques, it has revolutionized the nail industry, giving consumers access to longer-lasting manicures with a wider range of designs. The future looks bright for professional gel polishes and here at Glitterbels we are proud to be paving the way for more HEMA-free products. 

We are certain that the popularity of gel polishes will continue to grow, as more people understand and appreciate the unique benefits it can bring. With many creative possibilities available, it's no wonder that professional gel polish is becoming increasingly popular amongst customers all around the world. Who knows what new trends we may see in this space very soon?