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Why does my gel polish bubble? What to do about gel polish bubbles

Why does my gel polish bubble? What to do about gel polish bubbles

Gel polish has revolutionised the world of manicures, offering durability and a glossy finish unrivalled by traditional polishes. However, some users often encounter an annoying and perplexing issue: bubbling. Understanding why this happens can transform your gel polish game. So in this piece, we’ll explore some of the reasons why gel polish can bubble and some top tips from the experts as to how you can avoid it. 

The Impact of Temperature on Gel Polish

A crucial factor often overlooked is the temperature at which gel polish is stored. When gel polish is kept in conditions too warm, it affects the formulation, leading to an increased risk of bubbling. This isn't about altering your routine but being aware of where and how your polish is stored. Keeping your polish in a cool, stable environment can be a game-changer.


The Role of Polish Freshness

The age of your gel polish plays a significant role too. As with many beauty products, gel polishes have a shelf life. Using polish past its sell-by date can lead to inconsistent results, including the dreaded bubbles. It’s about recognising that freshness isn’t just a matter of preference, but a key factor in the performance of your gel polish. Check out our piece for some tips on storage and shelf life for some tips.

Importance of Nail Preparation

Nail preparation is another pivotal element in bubbling prevention. Your nails' state before application can influence how the polish behaves. It’s not merely about the application process; it’s about understanding the canvas you’re working on – your nails. We’ve discussed how to apply gel polish at length here

Stirring vs. Shaking Polish

A common habit is shaking the polish bottle before use, but this can introduce tiny air bubbles into the polish, which then transfer onto the nail. The solution lies in gently stirring the polish instead. It's a subtle yet significant factor that can make a world of difference to the finished result. 

Thickness of Polish Application

Applying gel polish too thickly is often a key driver of bubbles. The thickness of the application is crucial/ A thicker layer of polish can trap air and lead to bubbling as it cures. It’s about striking the right balance in application, recognising that less can often be more and, of course being trained in the right technique by an expert. 

Insights from an Expert

Charli Jepson, Head of Education for Glitterbels, emphasises the importance of these factors. “Understanding the science behind your gel polish and how it interacts with various elements can significantly elevate your manicure results,” she notes. Charli also said "Before applying gel polish we never shake the bottle." Charli’s expertise highlights that knowledge and experience are just as crucial as the application technique itself.

To wrap up, the key to bubble-free gel polish lies in understanding and respecting the product and process. It's about more than just how you apply it; it's about considering all the elements contributing to its performance. By paying attention to these factors, you can enjoy flawless, bubble-free gel manicures.

If you are new to gel polish, want to up your gel polish game or just want a refresher why not head over to our training section and check out our gel polish courses?