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5 Nail Designs To Look Out For This Summer (2023 Summer Trends)

5 Nail Designs To Look Out For This Summer (2023 Summer Trends)

Summer is well and truly on its way, and we have been thinking about what that means for us nail techs. The team at Glitterbels HQ have been researching the next and upcoming trends you don’t have to. Sit back and relax as we let you in on the Summer 2023 trends.


Multicoloured Micro French

The clean and simple look isn’t going anywhere in 2023 and the micro-French is the apotome of sleek and understated. This versatile design is perfect for summer, by swapping out your standard white for Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, and all things bright. Your basic everyday manicure will look fresh and brilliant with a new summery colour pallet. Check out some of our inspo…

glammertized 1glammertized 2
Sets by @glammertized


Marvellous Monochrome

Not fancying colour? Don’t worry, we have something just for you. Bright isn’t the only way to be bold! Black and white statement nails are totally in. This means you can dazzle your peers with a fresh monochrome set. This contrasting look is fun and easy to achieve. Here are some of our favourite monochrome looks.

alyshanailartist 1alyshanailartist 2
Sets by @alyshanailartist

Aura Nails

Aura Nails made an appearance in late 2022 and their popularity has continued to skyrocket into 2023. This summer the “Aura Nail” trend is going to be massive. Combine colours that clash or gradient your look, there is really no wrong way to create this look. You can achieve this look by using a paint gun, the sponge technique, or pigment. This trend is fun and funky, let’s look at some of our faves…

nailsbygxx 1nailsbygxx 2
Sets by @nailsby_gxx

Make it POP!

Make it pop, bright colours have never looked so good. With a selection of different shades, create bright, abstract looks with lots of colour. Don’t be afraid to clash. This trend allows for lots of wiggle room when it comes to colour pallets. Peek at some of these statement nail designs with lots of colour…

nailsbycharlx 1nailsbycharlx 2
Sets by @nailsbycharlx

Green, Green, Green & Greener!

Green is set to be a trending colour this summer and we have a lot of inspo for you to look at. Glitterbels hosts a range of glorious green shades in Acrylic and Gel. Whether it’s a floral, polka-dot, French or swirly design, think green.

allnailss 1allnailss 2
Sets by @allnailss._