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8 Trends To Look Out For This Autumn

8 Trends To Look Out For This Autumn

This autumn we are switching the loud colours and clashing patterns for cool metallics, expensive blues, rich brown tones and of course, lots of sparkles. This refreshing mixture of cool-toned blues and deep nudes creates a perfect contrast and adds a pop of colour to your nails this fall.

So, grab a brew and get comfy as we let you in on 8 trends to look out for this Autumn.


Perfect Pearls

Moving away from the funky Y2K designs and reaching for chic colours and opulent bling. Whoever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend, may have been wrong.

Pearls have been making their appearance on Autumn runways. Soft champagne or frosty opals work perfectly as a base for a pearl-inspired set.
Use Glitterbels Hema Free Gel Polish in shade Opalescent or Fairy Queen, to achieve this classic look.
Nails created by @staceymachin


Chrome Queen

Who else is a fan of matching their nails to their makeup look? Well, get ready for the metallic manicure to steel your heart.

This liquid metal look is a favourite on the Autumn/Winter runway and even on the red carpet.

This edgy look is a fresh take on autumn nails, as it opts for cool hues over the usual rich nudes and rusty browns to match the season.

Stormy Sky, Titan, Diamond Mirage, or Classic from the Glitterbels Gel Polish Range.
Nails created by @sass_nails_


All That Sparkles

Here at Glitterbels, we love all things that sparkle and so this next trend is perfect for us!

The return of the rhinestone nail has taken the industry by storm, with nails being painted in dark and moody hues and embellished with Swarovski Crystals.

The contrast of the delightful gems and colours like navy blue, burgundy reds and high gloss black is a perfect combo for the upcoming season.

 Berry Tastic, Edgy Chick (Gel Polish Range) and Blue Velvet (Coloured Acrylic Range) to create this look… And remember, there is no such thing as “as too many gems”.
Nails created by @nailsbyjanine.x


Monogrammed Micro Manicure

The micro manicure was a huge hit in spring and summer, so it’s no surprise that we are seeing this trend continue to be a fan favourite into late 2022.

The micro mini is the perfect way to create a nail art design whilst keeping it classy and minimalist.

The latest twist on this trend is to paint your initials or logo onto your nails. We love this subtle look and it’s a great technique to use for those clients that want something clean and fresh.

Nails created by @fayebella.nailartist


Blue Hues, Baby!

Expensive blues have been the colour of 2022. The classic navy and baby blue tones have been a hit throughout the last 8 months and will continue to be on the colour pallet for the rest of the year.

Whether you incorporate the blue colours into a French tip, Ombre or full nail, you can’t go wrong.

Glitterbels has a fabulous range of blues to choose from, it doesn’t matter if you work with Acrylic or Gel, we have something for everyone. Find your perfect shade here.

Nails created by @nailedonsight


Abstract But Make It Simple

We will see a sleek twist on the abstract trend that has bulldozed its way onto every social media platform this year.

We’re swapping out squiggly lines and mishappen blobs for straight lines and a half and half tips. Cool-toned nudes and glossy black work like a dream, creating a polished and elegant look to the abstract vibe.

This contemporary look was extremely popular during the latest fashion week, and we can’t wait to see more.

Nails created by @nailsby_gxx


Frenchie for Days

The recent surge in the early 2000s has brought back a multitude of different types of French tip designs.

I mean, let’s be honest this design is a staple and never went out of fashion, but now it seems we have more options than ever when creating a French tip design. Ombred, Chromed, Sugared… You name it, there is something out there for everyone.

The French tip design isn’t budging in popularity among nail techs and their clients.

Nails created by @lizbrucenailartist


Big Brown Energy

What would Autumn be without the gorgeous rich browns and cosy nude tones of the season?

The mixture of deep auburn and nutty colours are going to be a big hit this, Autumn. Sparkling golds and brassy hues are the way to go when picking a shade for your next set of nails.

Glitterbels, of course, has you covered. Choose from a selection of shades available in a mixture of colours on the official website.

Sweet Syrup from the Glitterbels Unbelievable range and Burnt Amber from the Coloured Acrylic Collection. View the shade range here -
Nails created by @nails_by_annabel_m


So there you have it, 8 amazing trends that you need to look out for this Autumn and Wintertime. Check out the latest YouTube video to see how the Glitterbels team did, when we had a go at creating some pearl nails.