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A Day At With The Glitterbels Training Academy: With Whitney, from MTV’s Teen Mom: Next Gen.

A Day At With The Glitterbels Training Academy: With Whitney, from MTV’s Teen Mom: Next Gen.

On Tuesday the 9th of January, we took a trip from one pink building to another, to see the Glitterbels training department in action. The Nails by Annabel salon in Newcastle-Under-Lyme is our Glitterbels Training Academy HQ and it is always a fun place to spend a workday. Our “Fast Track Beginners” course was being run by our educator, Adonia West (@adoniaautumnbeauty), with a very special guest joining the class. 

Whitney, from Teen Mom: Next Generation, got in contact with us in late 2023 wanting information on the fabulous courses that Glitterbels has to offer, wanting a fresh start to her 2024. We sat down with her to find out why she chose Glitterbels to start off her new side hustle and why she wanted to get into the beauty industry. So grab yourself a drink, and read along as we talk all things nails with Whitney. 


Question: How did you find out about Glitterbels and why did you choose us to start your nail tech journey? 

Answer: I found out about Glitterbels a few months ago when I realised that I wanted to have my own nail business, so I proceeded to do lots of research into what brands are best to work with product-wise, and as a beginner. I also looked into what courses were available. During this research, I kept coming across Glitterbels, more specifically the nail courses they offered & I binge-watched multiple videos of other customers going to these courses and saw how quickly they progressed, after this I knew I was set on learning with them! 



Question: What is it about the beauty industry, specifically doing nails, that you felt drawn to? 

Answer: I love the creativity and freedom that comes with being a nail technician and how, for a lot of people, when they get their nails done it may be the only time, they get a few hours to unwind & relax which I can heavily resonate with. I am a full-time mother and student so when I go to get my nails done, I can relax and enjoy some much-needed me time.  

I also want to be the nail tech that people feel comfortable opening up to and leave their appointment feeling much better after, as I know a lot of my service providers are also my therapists.  

Another thing that drew me to the nail industry is the flexibility of choosing my own hours & what days you can work which is very important for me so I can balance my mummy and my student life!  


Question: Why do you think it is important to start the new year off with a new skill? 

Answer: I think it's important to start the new year off with a new skill as you can never have too many skills. You can be the go-to friend for that skill whether it's nails, makeup, or hair… start charging them after the 50th appointment though. 


Question: What are your goals in 2024? 

Answer: My goals in 2024 are to keep my attendance up in college with good grades alongside that, and pass my driving test before summer. I want to get good at nails, ready to take on customers by summer, and stick with the gym… as this year just might be my gym girly era! 


Question: Who/What inspired you to learn a new skill? 

Answer: I have friends (Fatiah & Aisha), in the nail industry, and watching them from the beginning to now has been a big inspiration. They might not be mothers but were students when they started and managed to juggle their studies and business, which was very impressive to me. It gave me the confidence to venture into the nail world myself. 



Question: What advice would you give to someone who is looking to start a new career/side hustle in 2024? 

Answer: Don't wait for the "right time", start now. Because all those months you spend waiting for the right time you could be building on your skills and have a booming business in the months after that! 


Question: How was your first day of training with the Glitterbels Training Academy and what was your favourite part? 

Answer: I loved my first day of training, it was very informative & well-paced. Adonia (the educator) was so sweet and patient. She explained everything in a way that was very easy to understand and always came over with a smile any time I needed her help. Even after the 50th time. My favourite part was everything from the massive unicorn as soon as you enter and the lovely girls I trained alongside. 


Question: If you knew someone who wanted to learn a new skill in the beauty industry, would you recommend the Glitterbels Courses?  

Answer: I would 100% recommend anyone wanting to learn a new skill in the nail industry to take the Glitterbels courses, you won't regret it and you'll have a new support system of educators and the people you train with! 


After speaking with the lovely Whitney, I felt very inspired to push myself to do things that I may have been putting off. I think in 2024 we all need to make sure we are trying new things and learning as we go.  

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