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Choose The PERFECT Hema Free Gel Polish Shade To Match Your Wedding Aesthetic

Choose The PERFECT Hema Free Gel Polish Shade To Match Your Wedding Aesthetic

Wedding season is just around the corner, and we know how stressful all of those last-minute preparations can be, that is why the Glitterbels team created the perfect inspo for your wedding nails. Scroll through each of our carefully curated mood boards and match your perfect nail shade to your wedding’s aesthetic.

The last thing you need to add to your list of worries is your nails. So, let’s browse some of our favourite shades for the season of love.


  1. The Boho Bride


If you love all things vintage, whimsy and want to feel at one with nature on your wedding day, the “Boho” bride look might be your go-to option. This look takes inspiration from the great outdoors, keeping things natural and light.


For the perfect “Boho” wedding nails we recommend using colours like “Vintage Lace” and “Stone Rose” from the Glitterbels Hema Free Gel Polish range. If you want to add a pop of colour, we recommend a gorgeous green like “So Much Fern” from the same collection.


  1. The Bold Bride


If you aren’t looking for a muted look but still want to incorporate a lot of inspiration from nature, the “Bold” bridal look could be the one for you. This unapologetic aesthetic is bright, beautiful, and fun. For this gorgeous look, we recommend shades like “Go Girl”, “Sweet Tooth” and “Honeymoon”. 

We’re obsessed with this vibrant take on a traditional look, the world is truly your oyster if you opt for a colourful wedding and Glitterbels has a multitude of colours to choose from.


  1. The Country Bride

If you want something classic and traditional with a hint of the English outdoors, the “Country” bride is the option for you. This look keeps things classy and simple, with fresh pinks, peaches, and whites. Taking inspiration from rose gardens and afternoon strolls in the sun, this truly is a beautiful look.


We recommend shades “Pastel Peach”, “Cinnamon Swirl” and “Summer Fling” for this delicate, spring/summer pallet.


  1. The “Let’s Elope” Bride


This shotgun-style wedding is as much flirty as it is fast. Think all-things Americana; pastel blues, lace frills, lipstick stains, cherry-scented perfume, and Elvis at the altar. If you want to feel like Lana Del Rey, circa 2014, this is the only option for you.


We recommend opting for whites, golds, pale blues, and deep reds for this gorgeous look. The Glitterbels team chose shades “Almond Milk”, “Make a Wish” and “Apple Crumble” as the eloping extravaganza.


  1. The Destination Bride


Are you dreaming of a ceremony by the sea? If you can’t stop thinking about getting married next to clear waters and walking down the isle of white sand, then you’re a “Destination” bride. This gorgeous aesthetic has a laid-back feel, mixing elegance and tropical vibes.


Inspired by the pale whites and pinks of scattered sea shells, the turquoise blue of the coastline, and the soft golden shade of the sand, we recommend shades “Spa Days”, “Pastel Blue” and “Shell” from the Hema Free Gel Polish collection, for this sun-kissed look.


  1. The Cowgirl Bride


With the release of Beyonce’s “Cowboy Carter Album” and a general rise in popularity of the cowboy aesthetic, we think the ranch and American country style wedding will be a fan fave this year.


Think of warm tones, inspired by worn leather, rustic décor and horseback rides at sunset. This gorgeous style takes a lot of inspiration from the great outdoors, much like some of our other wedding styles, however, this specific one has a little more flare. Pairing soft, lacey dresses with structured, bold cowboy boots adds a spicy kick to this look. We recommend opting for rich, natural shades like “Spice it Up”, “Cowgirl” and “Hazelnut Latte”.


  1. The Luxe Bride


Inspired by the “it girls” of the internet, the “Luxe” bride eludes elegance and class. Their style will incorporate traditional pieces with modern twists. Their look is understated and chic. This look has been one of the most popular over the past few years and we still can’t get enough.


Think of all things silk, diamonds, pearls, and a ceremony on the coast of Italy. This aesthetic is truly opulent. If this is your vibe, we recommend shades “Fantasise”, “Crush On You” and “Satin Bow”.


We hope this gave you some wedding nail inspo! To follow all of the latest trends and information from Glitterbels, you can find our official socials here.