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Christmas Nail Design 2021 Guest Blog By Hannah Corrigan

Christmas Nail Design 2021 Guest Blog By Hannah Corrigan

Christmas Designs never seem lose popularity, so year after year we keep looking for new trends for you to use at yourself.
Our lovely ambassador Hannah Corrigan has done a step by step Festive gingerbread man for you to follow.
Using the Glitterbels dotting tool and Hema free gel polish in Gingerbread Latte create a circle for the head shape.
Using a fine liner detail brush from the rainbow pack, draw the rest of the body.
Using the dotting tool again, I added the eyes and buttons using the Hema free gel polish in White.
Add cuffs to the hands and feet and a mouth using the fine liner brush.
Using Hema Free gel polish in Black to go over the eyes to make them stand out more.
Using a fine liner detail brush again and White unbelievabel gel outline the body. To create thin lines I coat my brush fully in the gel and then drag off the nail.
For the majority of product, I have a thin coat on my brush. I then slowly outline applying minimal pressure.
Using a dotting tool, I added dots in the shape of candy canes, leaving small gaps in between each dot and cure.
I then added white dots using the White Hema Free gel polish and dotting tool in between each of the red dots. This creates a really cute and easy candy cane design. To finish, add topcoat and, of course, cuticle oil.
Everything you need to get the look:

If this was useful to you, over the Christmas period, we also have a whole range of Unbelievabel Gels made specially for nail art and a range of tools to help you create the perfect designs!