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Everything You Need to Know About Our Hema Free Builder-bel Gel

Everything You Need to Know About Our Hema Free Builder-bel Gel

It has been over 2 weeks since Glitterbels launched their brand-new range, introducing the Hema Free Builder-bel Gel. This incredible product comes in 60 fabulous shades and is completely Hema Free.

This collection of builder gels was put through the ultimate testing, to ensure the final product was of the highest quality. The Glitterbels Builder-bel Gel has a long-lasting, high shine, and a selection of shimmer, semi-translucent, and opaque colours, all whilst giving your clients the protection they need for long and healthy natural nails. One of our main focuses when creating this range was for the application to be simple and easy. The formula for the Glitterbels Hema Free Builder-bel Gel is self-levelling, meaning this product does a lot of the work for you.

With the launch of this new collection, we decided to go all out on the packaging, making it easier to identify the shade you want and elevate your look. Each Hema Free Builder-bel Gel comes in its very own box that has been colour matched to show the shade inside. These gorgeous little boxes will be sure to wow your clientele if displayed in your salon or at your nail desk. The packaging contains all the information you need for the best application as well as a cute little story that tells you about the shade of the gel. Have a look at an unboxing of shade 'Skinny Dip' here

It's a dreamy product to work with, and there are endless nail sets you can create using them. Here are some that Annabel (@nails_by_annabel_m) has created:

These Hema Free Builder-bel Gels are not only Hema Free, but they are also vegan and cruelty-free too. Seen on celebrities and loved by hundreds of our amazing customers, here is some information about this fabulous new gel.


When applying the new Hema-Free Builder-bel Gel, we recommend you follow the steps below for that perfect salon finish.
Step One:

Clean and shape the client’s natural nails into their preferred shape. Gently push back the cuticle and remove any non-living tissue. Once the natural nail has been prepped to perfection, use a dust brush to remove any dust. When the nail is clean and dust free, apply the Glitterbels Hema Free Dehydrator. This product will help take your client's nail back to its natural PH balance. You will then need to apply the Glitterbels Hema Free Acid Free Primer. This product acts like a double-sided sticky tape and gives the nail extra adhesion. When you apply this product be sure to cap the free edge. Your final step in your prep is to apply a thin layer of the Glitterbels Hema Free Basecoat and cure for 60 seconds.

Step Two:

Glitterbels Builder-bel Gel comes in a bottle with a brush lid, so you can paint the products onto the nail with ease and have amazing nails in minutes. However, if you have a different brush, one of Annabel’s top tips is to apply the builder gel with one of the Glitterbels Unbelievabel Gel brushes (Oval Size 8). When applying your chosen shade, paint on a thin layer of the Builder-bel Gel and cure for 60 seconds, before going in with your thicker, “building” layer.

Step Three:

When you are applying your second layer, we recommend using the “Puddle & Raindrop” technique. This will give you an even and smooth finish. Start by placing a dab of the product at the top of the nail, near the cuticle. Pat the product into place, ensuring you are not flooding the cuticle area. Then in a swaying motion drag the product down the nail. By swaying your brush from side to side, you will achieve a seamless look. To perfect your application, you can also use a fine liner brush and redefine your sidewalls and free edge. When you are happy with the application, cure for 60 seconds.

Step Four:

Once you have applied the Builder-bel Gel and the product is fully cured, take the Glitterbels Diamond Shine Cleanser and a lint-free wipe to remove the tacky layer. You can then move on to refining and filing the nails.

Step Five:

Take a Glitterbels 180 grit nail file and refine your side walls and free edge. We suggest taking a buffer block to the top of the nail to perfect the look and even out any areas that may be too thick.

Step Six:

Now for the fun part, if you want to add a pop of colour or a funky design. Using shades from our Hema Free Gel Polish range, once your mini masterpiece is complete simply topcoat with the Glitterbels Hema Free Topcoats. Whichever your client chooses, their nails will be totally Instagram-worthy. Don’t forget to add a drop of cuticle oil to the finished set to moisturise and promote healthy nails and skin.


For a full demonstration on how to apply, infill, and remove the Glitterbels Hema Free Builder-bel Gel you can check out the Glitterbels Hema Free Movie on our official YouTube. This hour-long video goes into detail on how best to apply the newest range. It also shows the complete shade range, so you can choose your favourite colours from the collection.


If you have been a Glitterbella for a few years, you will know we have an older builder gel collection that does contain Hema. This fabulous range will continue to be sold on our website as we all know Hema is not a bad ingredient, but some people can become allergic to it if overexposed. Our original 12 Builder Gels are still one of our most popular products and we knew our customers loved the shades. When we were creating the Hema Free range, we knew we needed to colour match our original shades. Here is a list of the colour matches:


The key to long-lasting colour and beautiful shine is to advise your clients to take care of their nails when they leave the salon. Ensure your client is using cuticle oil twice a day, as well as avoiding removing the product themselves. Clients should be booking appointments for infills in advance as this will help to avoid lifting, breaks, and chipping. The Builder-bel Gel should be removed every 4 weeks. Products like sun cream, oil, and alcohol-based sanitiser can have qualities that break down or dull the Builder-bel Gel. Nails should be wiped clean with a dry towel to remove any of these products.

The Glitterbels Hema Free Builder-bel Gel can be used on the natural nail, a tip, or over the top of acrylic if you wanted to use a specific shade. They really are an all-rounder and an absolute must-have for any nail tech. With the rise of the “Clean Girl” or “It Girl” aesthetic, a natural manicure look is the go-to for most clients. The Glitterbels Builder-bel Gel is the best product to achieve this look. This product has been formulated with professionals in mind and can be used to grow amazing natural nails.

If you are looking for cute nail art for your builder gel sets, Glitterbels has a range of sources for you to browse for inspiration. The Glitterbels Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram have a plethora of amazing designs and nail art that will be sure to get your creative mindset flowing.

If you aren’t fully trained in Builder Gel application, we can’t recommend enough that you look into our Builder-bel Gel Courses. Our award-winning training academy will give you all the information and guidance you need to release your skill and take your techniques to the next level. If you want more information on our Builder-bel Gel products and training you can contact our customer service team or visit our website.