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how to get the perfect french nail

How To Get The PERFECT French Nail with @nailedby_j

We recently spoke to Jada of @nailedby_j about all things French Nails. The classic nail art is always a go-to for lots of nail clients across the world, and styles a beautiful, simplistic look for the nails. Here's how to get the PERFECT French nails, a stunning nail design for all seasons.

How long have you been a nail technician?

I have been doing nails for 5 years now and I have never looked back! After studying at university for 3 years, I just knew it wasn’t for me. I needed to do something that would let my creativity out every day and after watching my mom work as a nail technician years ago, I just knew I would enjoy it and succeed!

What is one of your favourite designs to do?

I really enjoy French nails as I am such a perfectionist, so for me, there’s nothing better than creating a crisp smile line! You can also switch up a classic French and add designs like swirls, chrome, ombre, embossed features, gradient.. the possibilities are endless!

What are some essential things/products you need to use in order to get your perfect French nail?

I would say to get yourself a good fine liner brush, the thinner the better. I tend to use a medium size fine liner, but I know some people prefer a really long one, either is fine it just depends on what’s more comfortable for you. Another essential is gel paints. Because they are a thicker consistency, you can control your lines better and really take your time to perfect your French!

Which Glitterbels products do you use when doing French nails?

I love love love Unbelievable Gels! The colour range they come in is amazing and they last so long as you only need a small amount of product for your sets. White is obviously my go-to as everyone loves a classic French! If my clients are going for a classic French, I tend to use either Peacherbel Soft or Pinkerbel Cover. Both core powders work really well with all skin tones. For my brush, I use the Rainbow Fine Liner Detailer and to finish, I can’t be without my No Wipe Topcoat which is a must in every nail tech’s kit!

How to get the PERFECT French nail

1. Once your Acrylic or Builder Gel application is refined, shaped and buffed, wipe your nails with alcohol to make sure they are free from any dust and oils.

2. Take your Fine Liner Detailer Brush and some White Unbelievabel Gel and paint a line from the sidewall about half way up, towards the free edge, about a quarter of the way across. This should look like a small right angle. Do not cure.

3. Repeat the same process on the right side of the nail. You should now have what looks like a V shape. Again, don’t yet cure.

4. Draw a horizontal line to connect each point. This should now look like an upside-down letter A. Do not cure.

5. Now, you want to create the ‘smile’ by joining each sidewall point to the middle of the horizontal line, but you want to slightly curve your line once you get to the bottom. Do this on both sides.

6. Using the same fine liner brush or a flat headed brush if you prefer, fill in the grid using more of the Unbelievabel Gel and cure for 60 seconds. For medium to long smile lines, apply 2 coats of gel.

7. Apply your No Wipe Topcoat and finish off with some Cuticle Oil!