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Our Latest Products and Everything You Need to Know

Our Latest Products and Everything You Need to Know

We all love a new product release, and today, Glitterbels has launched two new products. Don’t say we don’t spoil you! We are excited to announce Glitterbels new and improved Cuticle Oil and 24 brand new Hema Free Gel Polish shades. This blog will tell you everything you need to know about our latest product launch.


Glitterbels Cuticle Oil

This essential product now comes in a gorgeous pink bottle with a pipette applicator for easy application and to help avoid cross-contamination. Glitterbels Cuticle Oil is an essential part of nail care and should be used twice daily. As a nail technician, this should always be the last and final step in your service. But why is it so important to use cuticle oil and offer it as part of your service as a nail technician? Well, don’t worry, we have all the information you need to learn about why we all need to be using cuticle oil in between appointments.

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Why Use Cuticle Oil?

Cuticle oil does wonders for your nails, including promoting healthy nail growth by increasing the circulation around your nails and helping to keep your nails and the skin around them moisturised. Keeping on top of your nail health can also help with the retention of acrylic, gel polish, and builder gel application. So, using Glitterbels Cuticle Oil means you are keeping your nails salon fresh for longer.

Cuticles tend to become dry due to exposure to hand washing, dry air, and harsh cleansing agents, so we recommend using a cuticle twice a day to keep your hands soft and your nails looking healthy. If you suffer from dry skin on your hands, we recommend using cuticle oil after you wash your hands.

Mini Cuticle Oil

Along with all the benefits that come with using cuticle oil, we wanted to offer nail techs the opportunity to offer our product to their clients. So not only have we released our cuticle oil in a 17ml bottle, but we have also created a gorgeous 18-piece multipack of 5ml cuticle oils. This product looks amazing in any salon, and it’s the perfect add-on service for your clients, ensuring your clients are taking care of their nails in-between appointments with their own mini-cuticle oil. With two scents to choose from (almond and pineapple), beautiful nails have never been so easy.

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24 NEW SHADES - Glitterbels Hema Free Gel 

Moving on from our fabulous new cuticle oil to the fun and fresh new shades we have launched, yes, you read it right. 24 BRAND NEW COLOURS. The Glitterbels Hema Free Gel was launched in November 2021, and it has quickly become one of our most popular products. With a 1-2 coat system, a range of finishes, and highly pigmented colours, we can see why this range is a fan favourite.

After the days of COVID-19 and the lockdown worries, we saw a rise in people having allergic reactions to nail products. This was mainly due to overexposure to harsh sanitary products, such as hand sanitizer and hand soaps. The protective barrier on our hands was becoming weaker, which meant we would be more susceptible to developing allergic reactions.

Hema has become a hot topic over the last few years and is an ingredient used in many products, including nail products. However,  we still wanted to give people the option to choose if they wanted to use Hema. We are so excited to be expanding our Hema Free range, and we can’t wait to see what fabulous designs our customers create. Not only are we expanding our Hema Free Range, but we are now also offering a 17ml bottle alongside our original 8ml size. The latest 24 colours will now come in two different sizes.

Offering two sizes of our gel polish is a great way for our customers to try our colours and expand their collection. Over the next few months, we will be working on getting our entire Hema Free range in two sizes.

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Here is a breakdown of all the colours that are available in our latest launch:

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