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Social Media Tips And Tricks By @beautybyjess

Social Media Tips And Tricks By @beautybyjess

Social media is a KEY part of the industry at the minute and one of the best ways to advertise your work to gain clientele, especially as it’s FREE advertisement. Here are some top tips and tricks I have used and love to gain a regular client base and social media following:


Tiktok is a newly recent platform that is perfect for people like me who own a small business and it allows our videos to go viral. I went from 300 followers to 100k in a month on Tiktok and these are the ways I found were the most beneficial.

  • Voiceovers/story times as well as music videos: this is probably one of the best ways I’ve found my videos gain views as not only are people watching the nails they are also listening to a story time. This is just something different than usual nail videos that have the same music playing in the background.
  • Lighting: I use a ring light which hold my phone to record, this gives a clear view of each step by step I record and the clearer to video is the more easy it is to watch. Make sure the background of your videos is clear and your pots of Glitterbels are in shot.
  • Set new trends as well as follow them: another one of my videos that gained a lot of views is an idea I thought of that I hadn’t seen anybody else do. Such as I choose an audio which is trending and as the words are said I write it across the nail. I used molly mae’s quote to Tommy which ended up being seen my molly mae herself.
  • Showcase new products: viewers love seeing accounts unbox their new boxes. Make sure to tag Glitterbels and list the new products.


  • Lighting: as mentioned before lighting is a key point in how your work is portrayed on social media. I find that a ring light sometimes is too bright and reflects off the top coat hiding the design underneath so when taking photos try and use a soft box or natural lighting.
  • Hand positioning: when taking pictures of yourself or clients nails make sure you position them as if they are in a resting position
  • Hashtags: these are so important in gaining more people to see your work, I always hashtag my location so people can see I’m local to them as well as tagging trending/influencer  hashtags eg- #kyliejennernails #mollymae you can use up to 30 hashtags per post on Instagram so make sure to use as many as you can.
  • Tag brands: when posting your photos make sure to tag glitterbels and Annabel and mentioning products you’ve used this tells other nail techs how you’ve created your design and let’s companies notice you as a buyer. There is then more chance they will see and share your image on their own social media
  • Interact with others: if you see some work you like from another nail tech comment and like!! This will then more than likely make them offer support from you. An amazing group to join in nails by Annabel support group on Facebook and Glitterbels training there is amazing support from old and new nail techs who offer each other advise and inspiration.
  • Practise, practise, practise: if you’re just starting out in nails and are hoping to gain a clientele practise is key. I used to compare my work to others who have been in the industry for years and I’ve been doing it only months. Work and focus on your own goals rather than what everyone else is doing.


Invest in the best products as this really does help the overall process in your work and how the nails photograph. My top 10 products I would invest in is: