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Spring nail designs and trends with @nailsby_gxx

Spring nail designs and trends with @nailsby_gxx

Having been a nail technician for almost 3 years, she opts for clean, vibrant nail designs: french, swirls, sparkles, and prints, that are a treat for the nails and the eyes! We spoke to our ambassador, Georgia @nailsby_gxx, and talked about all things nails, designs, and social media.
What are your favourite Glitterbels nail products?

My favourite nail products from Glitterbels are definitely the gels, core powders and the builder gel range. I use “Pinkerbel Cover” core powder all the time and it is a must-have staple in your collection, perfect on all skin tones! The same for “Dolly” builder gel as I feel it suits all skin tone and is the PERFECT pinky nude. As for the gels, it’s so hard to pick favourite colours as I love them all, but some staples are “Psycho & Sweet”, “You’re Beautiful”, “Pastel Peach”, “Pastel Lilac”, and “Crazy in Pink”.

Using: Call Me L8r, Barbie Party, and Pastel Candy from our Hema Free Gel Polish collection, You're Beautiful and Psycho & Sweet from our Gel Polish collection, our Peacherbel Soft Core Powder, No Wipe Topcoat, and Pineapple Cuticle Oil.

What kind of nail designs are your favourite to produce?

Spring/Summer nails are my FAVOURITE designs as I feel I get so creative and use so many different vibrant colours. My new favourite trend is the airbrush one as it gives a seamless finish and used with the Glitterbels gels and topcoat, finishes off a beautiful set for holidays, etc. Other favourite designs of mine are swirly nails or french mix and match sets, which I love designing with the detailer brush to get crispy and fine lines.


Using: Pastel Peach, Barbie Party, and Easy Tiger from our Hema Free Gel Polish collection, and Crazy In Pink and Knockout! from our Gel Polish collection.

What tips do you have for any readers regarding social media?

Social media can be a hard one to navigate but once you find your style and learn the algorithm, it can provide such benefits for your business! I would say creating colourful, stand-out photos with amazing quality really helps. Make sure the photo is clear, has a good background, and maybe match the nails to your clothes/bags/shoes and paint your toes to match! This can create such a beautiful look. Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags as this will help you get onto explore pages, e.g., #nails #naildesign #naturalnails #glitterbels. Remember, any progress is good progress and be proud of your work always and remember: everyone starts somewhere 💗

Using: Pinkerbel Cover Core Powder, White, Pastel Bon Bon, Black, and Pastel Blue from our Hema Free Gel Polish collection, Temptation, Love Me, Psycho & Sweet, and Crazy In Pink from our Gel Polish collection.

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