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The Best Nail Colour Combinations for 2023

The Best Nail Colour Combinations for 2023

There are so many colour combinations that you can use on your nails and so many to try! From brights to nudes, and sparkles to shines, the possibilities are endless and we love seeing what everyone comes up with and we love trying them all ourselves.

Here are some colour combos that are perfect for 2023 and will make your nails beautifully stand out:

Light Blue & Purple

Everyone loves a pastel colour, and everyone especially loves a pastel colour on a set of nails. Perfect for Spring/Summertime, this combination will make your nails bright and so cute! You can achieve this using our Hema Free Gel Polish in ‘Pastel Blue’ and ‘Martini, Please!’.

Pink and Peach

Pink and peach go together like two peas in a pod and are so cute to use on your nails. You can’t go wrong with these, and you could do some inspiring designs with our Unbelievabel Gels in ‘Dreamboat’ and ‘Peachy Butt’ to take your nails to the next level!


Nude and Light Blue

Acrylics are great for an ombre look, and what better colour scheme to go for than a gorgeous nude and a pretty light blue? It’s simplistic but makes a great look, and you can achieve this by using our Core Powder in ‘Sugared Almond’ and Coloured Acrylic in ‘Blue Pastel’.

Minty Green and White

We think everyone has had mint green as their favourite colour at some point, right? It’s a dreamy colour and perfect for Springtime which is already on its way! Use our Hema Free Gel Polish in 'Take A Note’ and in ‘White’ to try this out.

Green and Orange

Ok, so it probably sounds bad but green and orange actually make a great combination for many nail designs and give a tropical feel. Our Unbelievabel Gels in ‘Volcano’ and ‘Green Glory’ go well together and as they’re Unbelievabel Gels, are great for designs and artwork!


Green and Yellow

Doesn’t this give you a lemonade vibe? This is a fresh and bubbly colour combination that will definitely make your nails stand out any time of the year. Our Unbelievabel Gels in ‘Grasshopper’ and ‘Sunny Side Up’ would be great and their names already say Springtime.

Orange and Yellow

A sunset vibe perfect for Summer and to make your nails as radiant as ever! You could try a double gradient, some artwork, and much more. Opt for our Unbelievabel Gels in ‘Volcano’ and ‘Glowing’ to get the Summer vibes going.


We love colour combinations of the same colour but different shades. Blue offers an amazing colour combination and there are many types to take it as far as you want. Take a look at this gorgeous Double French Ombre look for more inspiration! ‘Salty’ and ‘Marine’ in our Unbelievabel Gels are great to go for if you want to try this combo.



Again, a colour combination of the same colour but different shades is always beautiful, and why not even make it into a marble design for that added effect? Our Gel Polishes in ‘Minty Fresh’, ‘Crispy Seaweed’, and ‘Apple Sours’ are perfect for this, because all good things come in threes, right?


We hope we’ve inspired you to try some new colour combinations this year, and we can’t wait to see all of your 2023 fresh nail designs! Don’t forget to tag us across all social media channels.