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Training FAQ’s

Training FAQ’s

We hope this clears up a few questions you may have. If you don’t find the answers you need below we are only a message away.

Are the courses accredited?……..

YES!!! All the courses are ABT accredited.

Does the course come with a kit?

Not on Refresher or design classes but the beginner classes all come with the most amazing kits!!!!
Have u seen the kits omg too excited!

Are the classes day or evening?….

BOTH!!! We have educators up and down the country working on dates and times and are all super excited to get started.

Can I change my course that was booked and changed due to Covid19?

YES! Message your educator to have this arranged for you.

What if I struggle?

We all have different time frames in which we have our lightbulb moment! Your educator is not only part of an absolute award-winning, talent-filled team but also an accredited trainer who will understand and support you before during and after training.

What age can I train?

You have to be 16+ to train.

What If I Miss A Day That Has Been Assigned To Me?

This will need to be discussed with your educator at the time but rest assured we are all here to offer you the utmost help.

Can I Get This On Finance?

YES, we offer 0% finance on all of our courses.

Can I Choose My Educator?

Yes, you can however rest assured we have the most amazing Glitterbels educator team whose skill set is second to none! Ideally, the closest educator to you would be a wise choice to continue your training in the future.

What Do I Have To Do Once I Have Booked?

Be patient and await your glorious email which will be the start of something amazing and your journey into your nail career.

Do I Have To Be Trained In Nails Already?

No not at all we have beginner classes and refresher classes! Everyone is welcome!

How Long Are The Courses?

Fast track – 3 days
Acrylic beginner – 2 days
Refresher – 1 day
Gel polish – 1 day
Design – 1 day

Can I Train With You If I’m Overseas?

We can offer you refresher training and design classes however beginner classes are not available as our courses are UK ACCREDITED.

You can take a  look at all of the incredible courses we offer here and If you have any further questions please feel free to contact our amazing customer case team on 01782 901012 or email us on